Live in the Now

To live in Now creates the future and sets us free.

Now, this moment, is truly all that you have or need. The future has not yet been determined, you will create it in the now and the past in linear time is gone. The ‘past’ as viewed from non linear time still exists and can be altered, but that is beyond the comprehension or ability of most of humanity at this time.

For us, the past is but a shadow or memory of events, thoughts or feelings that have occurred and had an impact on how we feel about ourselves and /or others and how we view the world. Those thoughts can be happy or a shadow of fear, doubt and regret.

If our memory is happy it can cause you to smile and feel uplifted. It allows you to have a positive view about the past and the now. If the memory is sad or painful it can carry a charge that can change your perspective of the experiences today if you allow it to do so. It is those memories which are not happy that we have experienced which are the shadows that haunt us. Most people put them in a closet and shut the door tight so that they don’t have to remember. This works for awhile until an event, experience, perhaps a song, or a thought can trigger the memory and yank the door wide open. Then the thoughts and feelings come flooding back.

We can never fully experience the freedom of our soul until we face these shadows, understand what happened, and transform them from the shadows into light.

There are many ways in which to begin the process. I would recommend the very first step to be to quietly go within and ask whatever creative or divine power you believe in to protect you through this process and to help you find enlightenment and transformation. Our Creator Source, gave us the gift of freedom of choice, and those Beings who serve the Source cannot help us unless we ask. It is good to be protected, for as we open the door to negative emotions and energies we can draw forth more from the collective consciousness.

The next step is to open the door and to look at the shadows within the closet. There are many ways to do this. If you desire or are open to working with a person trained to help with this process there are psychiatrist, and counselors both spiritual and therapeutic.

You may prefer not to share your inner most thoughts and feelings with another, for you have spent a long time trying to avoid looking at them and any feelings or emotions they bring up about yourself. You can try meditation or there are many energetic healing therapies, like (EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Shifting the Assemblage point to name a few.

The process you take to open the door and look at these shadows is up to you. Please remember the shadow thoughts and feelings may be the result something that was done to you or that was completely out of your control. Which then created an emotional response within you that effects your feelings about yourself, others and the world. Some examples are rape or abuse.

The same is true if the shadow is the result of your actions or choices. Each experience and interaction in life is an opportunity to learn and grow, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The choices we make and the actions we take are usually based upon our prior experiences, our beliefs, the morals and values of our family. The ideal choice is one which results in not only bringing more harmony and balance in our life, but is for the greater good of all.

We all have made less than ideal choices and behaved in less than desirable ways. Upon the earth the energies are dense, from the fear and anger of mass consciousness, there are emotions locked within our DNA from our ancestors, and we have our learned beliefs and behaviors.

As you look at these shadows, try to look at the events with emotional detachment. For what we need to understand is why we made the choice or acted as we did and how we could have did it differently. You can ask Archangel Michael who is the protector Angel to also cut all cords that bind you to another and see his sword cut through them and return to sender. You can deal with any ramifications of this later but this will help to free some of the emotions for this process.

It will certainly bring up emotions. When you experience these emotions, center yourself, be quiet, place you attention within your heart and breathe deeply in and out slowly. See the in breath as light that flows through you clearing the emotion and breath out the unbalanced energy. Once you are able to move through the emotions and feel calm again you can again look at the event or experience. If they bring up emotions again, use the breath technique.

The ideal we will learn as we have experiences or choices is to before we speak or act to stop, bring our attention to our heart and take a breath or two. Ask yourself.

What is happening? Why is it happening? What do I feel about it? Why do I feel this way? Do I feel this within my body, emotions or mind? What am I thinking about this? Are these thoughts mine or have I been told by others this is what I should think or feel? What can be the results of my words or actions? Is this of benefit to me? Is this of benefit to all involved? Ask for guidance from Source, your Soul, your Guardian Angel?

Once you have looked at this you can make a more informed and hopefully enlightened choice. What did I learn? After the experience or event, you can then look back as you are now doing about the shadow and see the ramifications of your acts or words, to decide if you could have done things differently.

As you have reviewed this shadow and brought it forward into understanding, exposing it to the light it is time for transformation. First we need to release the emotions.

If the action was done to us it is time to forgive the perpetrator. For as long as we hold anger toward them , we are connected and they are a piece of our life. If we realize that their choices and actions were theirs and had nothing to do with us but with their own experiences and choices, we can release them emotionally. “Forgive them for they truly know not what they do.” For if people were truly aware of the ramifications of their actions, they would usually not do them.

If you have been the one causing hurt to another it is time to ask for forgiveness, “Please Forgive me” , which can be done through prayer to them and sending them love.

Next, ” I am sorry, ” which is to forgive ourselves for had we known how to do things or been emotionally free enough to do so, we would have.

“Thank you”, for forgiving me and for the Creator for still loving me always.

Bring forth the VIOLET FLAME OF TRANSFORMATION. This is a gift to transform and release all unbalanced energies back to the universe so we can be filled with light.

Ask also that the violet flame go forth to all involved in this even or experience and to transform all unbalanced energies between you and others that you may all be released and balanced.

Once you have removed the energies. It is time to move into the heart and to ask to be filled with Light and Love and to visualize this expanding outward, to fill all the space which you have cleared.

“I love you”, it is time to bring love, compassion, forgiveness and understanding to all within the situation and to ourselves, and all life.

All life is about learning, experiences and choices which lead us to see, acting, feeling and living from a more loving, compassionate and balanced point of view.

As to the future. Our thoughts, words, deeds and actions of this MOMENT are creating the future. There are endless possibilities, but we shape and change those outcomes with each choice we make. That is why it is important to stop , beathe and think before we speak or act.

As we do this we cast no shadows in the linear past.

As we look at our shadows and see how we could have done things differently we assure that they don’t interfere with a future of joy, balance and abundance. So in effect we are making changes to the past for we will no longer be affected by the past and it can’t effect our future.


I AM Marguerite