Where do we go from Here?

Often we come to a crossroads along our path perhaps you are at that point in your life.

It seems at time that no matter what we do we aren’t making any spiritual progress. That which we feel we are supposed to do aludes us or we feel it is too far away to understand exactly what it is that the Creator wants from us.

The desire of the Creator for us is simple and exists in our hearts through Grace that we seek and place our intent and attention upon knowing the I AM of the Creator within us. There are beliefs, thoughts, fears and doubts which keep us thinking that we need to do something, and that we are not good enough, and our past actions will be judged and find us unworthy, but those are of the human perspective and not of the Divine.

The Creator sees us as perfect, for we are part of the Creator. The Creator Loves us without conditions and wants for us to live a life of joy, peace, good health, love, and abundance. The Creator doesn’t judge our actions because we are experiencing all that is possible for the Creator. Existence is a circle that begins and ends at Oneness with the Creator. Anywhere else along this circle is the journey of expansion and exploration. This doesn not mean however, that we have the license to be mean, kill, abused, hurt or destory another part of life, for all is part of the Creator and when we harm another we harm the Creator and ourselves.

The choices we have made that have created the life in which we are living is not aligned to the Will and Love of the Creator. If it was aligned,we would not question our lives, for we would be living a life of Grace and Wisdom, which brings Peace and Abundance for us and All Life. I seem to repeat these concepts, because the people hear and understand things in different manners and context of ideas.

I have traveled the path as have so many others. They live among you and you do not know, for they live their lives in Grace and Oneness, simply Being the Love and Light of the Creator so that others may experience the energy and awaken, seek and want to know this Beauty of Soul alignment and Oneness with the Creator/I Am within and others. Once you understand and make not the gifts of Spirit, not deprivation of self, not the ability to manifest, to be psychic, to have super human abilities or recognition, but simply want to be ONE with the Creator, you enter GRACE.

Grace is taking back the authority in your life for your thoughts, words and deeds. To end any contracts or agreements on the physical and spiritual level that are not under Divine Will. I see this as the  “Get behind meSatan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.” as stated in the Christian Bible Matthew 16:23 and as Buddha speaks on taking back authority in our life, “Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. ”

When take back authority from others, it is that point of Grace that we give it to the Creator, so that our soul and I AM Presence of God can guide us to be Mindful and live in Grace and Unity as our Initiative of Mindfulness comes from the Divine.

A few years ago I wrote this post about Grace and perhaps it will help someone to understand more that through Grace, the process of Ascension is embodying the I Am Presence of the Creator in our lives.

Grace comes in parts  -listening grace, grace of thoughts, grace of words and grace of deeds.

Each of these begin from the quiet peace within our hearts. As we move through our lives we should seek within our hearts with Listening Grace for the inspiration, correct timing and direction.  When are at peace, and centered within our hearts,  we can await to hear or feel the gentle nudging or direction of Divine Spirit which shows us what is the best path to follow(Grace of deeds). We are asked to wait to be shown the best words to say unto another (Grace of words).

When we live in listening grace,  we are able to move through life, living with love, peace and compassion for others. We learn to observe the world around us with the innocence of a child,  with ears to hear and eyes to see purely what is happening around us.  We live without judging or creating scenarios as to what others think or why they act, until the Greater Part is shown (Grace of thoughts).

We learn to wait with Listening Grace to be shown the greater picture and our part within the Greater picture or in any situation. In doing so, when we do speak or act, it is uplifting to all.

This does not mean losing or giving up anything in our lives, but having them enhanced 1000 fold or more.  We have all come forth from the Creator which means we are all part of the whole and connected to each other.  We all have roles to play and lessons to learn.

Grace means we no longer struggle to try to understand or control the world, which has resulted in the chaos we see each day.  Grace means we remember that we are of Divine Origins and we are returning to claim our birthright.

Grace means we understand the unity of all Life and that in order for Heaven to manifest upon this Earth it is required that all act together for the betterment of whole.  The whole being not only humanity, but the planet, the air, the water, the animals and all non human life, upon and within the earth, the birds in the sky, the life in the oceans.

It is time to realize a part of the Divine Creator resides within us.  Learn to Discern the voice of the Creator from the lower ego and thoughts of fear and fighting.  Through Grace we feel the Light and the Love of the Creator as it springs forth from our hearts to guide our thoughts, words and deeds.

The process can be as easy as walking through a door,the end of the struggle of duality. Or it can be a long process which is a step by step journey home,the choice is always yours.

It begins with the simple prayer of asking the Creator’s will not your will be done in you, by you and through you.  Ask to be strengthened and protected from that which would harm you or keep you from unity with the Creator. These energies  which are not of Divine Origin and prevent us from living a Divinely inspired life includes our own ego.

It does not mean we stop living our lives and sit in a room and meditate all day, although if that is an option you choose it is a good choice. We can help others through prayer and meditation, asking for the love and light of the Divine to be in the world.  We can also have a larger affect by Being the change, Light and Love we want to see in the world  We do this by living as Life of Love for All Life,  each day doing that which is  our job or hopefully our inspired joy, and interacting with others and sharing our Love and Light. For the world to change, the change must begin within us, and then we must allow the Light and Love within us to shine to inspire others to want to seek change.

I read a recent analogy that I thought was appropriate.  If we are in a canoe and don’t have a paddle we go no where, we stagnate.  If we decide not to paddle or contribute to the effort of moving the canoe forward we may begin to drift backwards or again stagnate in the same place.  However, if we put our paddle in the water even if we don’t know what we are doing in the beginning, we can learn and move forward and have a successful and enjoyable journey.

I would compare the water to life and the canoe to our consciousness.  We can move through life simply working and doing the same things over and over again until they no longer bring us joy for we feel stagnate in our life.  We may even get angry and make drastic changes that ultimately disrupt in a negative way our lives and the lives around us. The other option is that we seek something within us, something to inspire us and show us a new and joyous direction  Our paddle that moves us forward in our life, and that is a connection to our inner wisdom and spiritual guidance.

The key is living with Listening Grace for the Divinely guided moments in any situation or experience to be of Greater Service or to connect with a person or situation in a loving and unifying experience. We soon realize in this state of Grace that we are enjoying the abundance of Blessings of the Divine in our lives which is our Birthright.

“Happiness is when what you think, and what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
―Mahatma Gandhi

It could be that you are now in a time of reflection, where you need to relax and move within through contemplation and meditation. The answer lies within you.


Moriah Shimayah Elohim

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Life is about Choices


It is important in the days ahead that we learn the skill of mindfulness. We will be seeing many changes happening in the world and it can get even more confusing for us. We will be bombarded with information coming from many directions and all sides pointing fingers at the other. Who do we believe?

In our lives beginning with each thought we have we make a choice about how we feel about the information we have heard or that which we have seen. Then when we have made a choice that we feel this or that is truth we have another choice. Do we speak about how we believe or feel or keep quiet, allowing others to form their own opinions, or do we try to influence them to our perspective and belief?

If we are in a situation when we must do something do we react based on our ego perception or do we go within and seek higher guidance and perspective so that we can act in a mindful way for the benefit of all involved. CHOICES are made constantly in our lives that create our future and have an effect upon other people, earth and all life on earth.

Our choices have created a chaotic world. How can we correct this for ourselves and to help the world?

We begin through learning how to move into our heart center and seek peace, balance and connection to our Higher Self and the Creator. I like to call it asking our Soul for guidance. This and the art of mindfulness can help us to create a better life for ourselves and a better world.

The art of mindfulness involves be aware of our thoughts. When we have a thought before we speak or act upon it we need to learn to move into our heart center to think about it and ask is this






Ask your soul for the higher perspective and guidance. Of course one has to learn protection and clearing of our energy fields to allow a pure non ego influenced connection to our Soul. So until you have come to that purer state where you know it is your soul ( you will feel such love and peace when it is soul response) or your ego trying to control you, use the above THINK test.

The higher perspective will never lead you into conflict, anger, hate, judgment or attempts to control others. It will show you the path of love, compassion, understanding, truth, wisdom and unity.

The higher perspective guiding our choices, words and actions is what will bring us into a Heavenly state of Being. The Heavenly state can exist on earth, it has before. That was a time when we all existed in a state of unity where the Higher Perspective guided us. It was the ego choices which lead to the lower state in which we now exist.

It is up to us to be MINDFUL and THINK about our CHOICES. This is the greatest service we an do for ourselves, our loved ones, humanity, earth and all life on Earth.


May you ask your Soul and find the higher path.

I AM Mareya Shimayah Elohim