Cleansing and Healing

We are in a period of history in which such powerful energy is coming to us from Creator Source and the Host of Light Beings who serve the Creator so that we can Ascend if we truly desire to do so.

Having just passed through the Covid period of time and now in the northern hemisphere we enter the cold and flu season. Due to this it may be easy to dismiss your clearing and healing symptoms of Ascension. Often the symptoms are similar to colds or flu.

I was reminded of this and nudged to post about it having gone through a clearing recently. I was exposed to a respiratory virus when I visited a relavtive, while wearing a mask ,and could easily have believed it was simply this virus. However, I noticed that my symptoms unlike the person to whom I was exposed, centered around my throat. It was so sore and I am a person who is very rarely sick. I had in the past had strep throats and tonsilitis and the symptoms were similar. However, my intuition told me that it was a clearing of my throat chakra.

My higher self has been guiding me to more strongly speak my truth and this was a way of getting my attention. Sometimes, spirit wants us to stop or slow down, pay attention and do self care. This was the case for me. I have learned that if I feel a strong sense I am getting sick to get into bed, clear my energy with the violet flame, bring in the green flame of healing and the white light of the Creator. In this case ,I also used lots of throat lozenges and colloidal silver for physical symptoms and meditation for non physical causes. I rested most of 3 days and never had to go to the doctor or take anti biotics.

I am not recommending that others do not go to the doctor when they feel sick. Everyone has different physical constitutions and needs. What I am saying is,that for myself, I realized early that Spirit was wanting to take me through a clearing and healing to activate my throat chakra to another level. Had I not listened and simply told myself it was a respiratory infection, it might have been so. I was also having lots of fatigue and less air capacity. I was reminded that I needed to pay attention to my Breath, the passage of Chi life force into our body, and to consciously breath deeper and slower.

There has been much information on the internet for years regarding ascension symptoms and how to handle. I would like to discuss a few because I feel it is important that we go within to see if what ever we are experiencing had a physical cause or is part of our process.

NOTE: Never forego Medical or Psychiatric help and dismiss what you are experiencing. This information is not intended to replace your own medical help.

Some of the symptoms include:

Bodily aches and pains – we can simply acknowledge it as a result of the weather or our age or bodily health. As part of the ascension process it can be the result of the frequency of our cells rising and as they are changing into higher dimensional frequency, they can change and expand. You can use the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame to help clean out old residue, BLESS and drink plenty of water to flush out that which is released, exercise, walk or be in nature.

Headaches – As our frequency is rising, the energies of our mind and ego can be resisting and wanting to hold onto the old thoughts and patterns so tightly that it become like a constricting band. Again go within and ask your Higher Self what you are resisting or holding on to tightly and ask to be released. Use the Violet Flame to clear and release, drink Blessed water and meditate.

The flu and cold symptoms I discussed with my own symptoms. You may experience the flu symptom of vomiting to purge the body, or diarrhea. Get medical help and advice to be sure you don’t allow theses symptoms to become an even greater problem physically. However, like myself it can be a part of the process of letting go, clearing and activating.

Anxiety, panic attacks and depression: IF,these are new symptoms for you they can be a part of not understanding the changes you are going through physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We tend to not want to change our life and let go of old patterns and thoughts unless we are forced to do so. We will try to ignore and make excuses not to face them. This creates a break between the flow of our energy with our Soul and I Am Presence of the Creator of which we are a part. It is best to stop when we have symptoms, to move into our heart center and ask to be shown. BREATHE – slowly and deeply to allow the life force to circulate within and remove the energies and use the Violet Flame of transmutation. These will slow the symptoms and allow you to come back into balance.

Emotional imbalances of intense ups and downs or outbursts, and fear which can cause withdrawal. These are us facing our emotional fears and patterns which need released and to learn how we deal with them. I would advise using the same tools of going within, Breath, Violet Flame and meditation. HOWEVER, if you have had either of these last two symptoms before and for extended periods of time you need to seek medical and or psychiatric advise.

FATIGUE – so many are experiencing extreme fatigue no matter how long they sleep. This comes from resisting letting go of old patterns also. We may find ourselves sleeping too much and even very little. This can be because of the energy changes in our body. If we are allowing and not blocking we will find we need less sleep and food. If we are resisting, we may need to sleep so that our spirit can aid us to release and make the needed changes. Again, go within, ask your Soul what it is you are resisting. Then use your Breath and Violet Flame to help release them. You may have cords of attachments from and with others that need released, for which Archangel Michael will help you if asked. You may also have old spiritual agreements and contracts which no longer serve your higher good which need released.

Tinnitus or sounds in the ear. So many have these symptoms as do I . I have had them for years but I knew that they were the result (at least for me) of hearing Spirit and the energies around me from non physical dimensions. It was part of the telepathic and clairaudient process. So I learned to simply allow it and not worry or pay attention to it as something that bothered me but as something that was helping me. When you focus upon it as a bad symptoms or something wrong that is your reality. My mother had it and sometimes felt suicidal because it bothered her so much. For me, it is present most of the time and unless it becomes loud to get my attention or I place my focus upon it, during normal daily activity I am seldom aware it is there. If I hear it increase, I simply sit and ask whom or what is trying to contact me. AGAIN – this is not saying that tinnitus is not the result of some physical problem for which you need to seek a doctors advice. I am saying that not all sounds we hear are tinnitus which can have a physical cause, but can be part of our process and opening to higher guidance.

Seeing Spirits or non physical images. As we grow spiritually,clear our energies and raise them we will begin to see Spirit and beings from beyond the third dimension. This gift is called clairvoyance. For me when this first happend about 30 years ago, it was upsetting. I would see images superimposed upon my physical visual range. It was not all the time, but when it happened,no matter what I was looking at I would see an image superimposed over the background. It was as if you would be looking through a window outside and the window had an image painted upon it that obstructed your view of the outdoors. This image would have differing forms, it may be shaped like an eagle, but within that outline are geometric form of triangles and circles of differing colors which vibrated. As time progressed the image would grow until it filled my visual range and I could not make out the form any longer only see the vibrating colors. The colors still remaining translucent enough to see the world, but with a vibrating image overlayed. I learned that this was spirit, sometimes they called themselves color ray scientists working with my visual energies to activate and sometimes to teach me something through the image, colors and vibrations. So, don’t be afraid, if you begin to see things, go within and ask what it is. HOWEVER, I am not saying that you should not seek a doctor or optometrist to advise for it may be something for which you need medical help.

Remember we are in a process and that sometimes instead of a drug we need to allow the process to take place.

TOOLS to remember.

Bless and drink lots of water to flush out old toxins. To Bless water you simply need to ask that the Creator will transform and Bless this water so that it is absolutely perfect for you and your process.

Spend more time in Nature and meditation.

IF you feel the need to sleep do so.

If you feel sluggish, try walking and excersising.

Watch the food you put into your system for chemicals and types of sugar.

Try abstaining from recreational drugs and alchohol.

Meditation and going into the heart is so helpful to balance, learn and expand.

Breath – learn to breath deeply and slowly.

Service – learn to focus on helping others and sharing of higher energies so that you don’t become stuck and can continue to grow spiritually and expand.

If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to email.




As we have moved quickly into this new year it is wise to look at our intent for the year. Intent for what we wish in the new year is how new year resolutions came into being. Most make resolutions regarding their physical life and often forget their spiritual existence.

We are still in the period of setting our intent so that it is important that we take time to go within to see what we wish to manifest spiritually in our life. The most important areas we have been given to note are protection and discernment. If you have not mastered these aspects it would be well to set an intent to do so.

Other areas one may look at are

Mindfulness – to be aware of our thoughts, words and deeds. Do we speak without thought as to the effect upon another. Do we judge others with our thoughts instead of allowing them their differences along their path to ours. Do we try to control others or to influence them to believe as we do. Do we act or react without first stopping and asking for guidance. These are the aspects of self mastery and they begin with being mindful of our energy.

Living from the heart center is another important aspect to which we can place our intent. When we live from the heart we are allowing our soul or I AM Presence to guide our lives and what we do becomes harmless to others, and can be for the benefit of all life. It is part of mindfulness of stopping when we have judgmental thoughts, or before we speak or act and go into our heart center and ask for guidance.

Compassion and empathy for others living beings both human and non human.Not turning away from the injustice in the world, but asking for guidance about how we can best be of service to help.

Service to the planet, nature and all non human life forms. The earth provides for our physical needs through nature. If we act without thinking about the effect we will have we are hurting ourselves and all life. This could be as simple as recycling, picking up trash when you see it.

Non human life forms, animals, insects, reptiles, birds, fish, cetaceans are all here with a purpose. All live from the heart, and have learned fearful or harmful behavior from others. If you see an instance where you can help be of service and do so. Don’t ignore an animal in distress, find a way to help.

You can make being of spiritual service a priority. Begin with clearing yourself of mis-qualified energies with the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame and then send it forth into the earth, ley lines, water, and air. Ask the angels to carry it forth into areas of need where there is war, anger, violence, famine, abuse, disease.

There are many small steps of intent which we can do each day to make changes spiritually within ourselves and to help others and the planet. Pick just one area and begin your journey.

May this year be the best for you, earth and all life.

I AM Mareya Shimayah Elohim

Protection, Discernment, Clarity

Discernment of people, messages, spirits, energies, truth and life

I began this message about a month ago, and had not yet finished it when On Sunday the 11th of December 2022, I watched a video message given through Elizabeth April a channel for the Galactic Federation of Light which focused on the same topic. I was glad to see that the message which came through her was emphasizing that which I have been hearing to emphasize. In fact, the book I am writing about Ascension, emphasizes these points as the most important first steps for each of us of which to be aware in our Ascension Process.

I have been since then, stronly nudged to finish this message and post it. If we don’t focus upon anything else in our spiritual process in the days ahead these concepts should be applied daily in our lives.

I am not a follower of any channel or group, but I watch or monitor information as I am guided; Over the years there are different channels works to whom I have been guided. Thus, on my site I have links to certain people’s websites, that I have found are regularly accurate and trustworthy in what they are sharing. I say monitor because as has been emphasized to me, we should always be discerning of the words and messages of anyone outside of our own personal connection to the Divine Creator Source. It is especially important in this time of media, cell phones, internet and television to have a guidepost of discernment to understand what is truth and worthy our energy.

We need to always remember that not everything we hear or read is truth and not everyone who speaks or writes a blog or book, is sharing a higher truth. It does not mean they are a bad person, but that like the majority of people on earth, that which one believes and/or shares is relative truth based upon their education, societal lifestyle and level of spiritual growth and clarity.

In the message on December 11th, Ms April had asked what is most important to help us in 2023 and their response was to learn DISCERNMENT. That we need to learn to go within ourselves to our own connection to Source for guidance and to not be always following others. If you have read my message regarding Aliens and Extraterrestrials, you would know that for me that was the key to knowing she was connected to the Galactic Federation of Light and not to any of the other extraterrestrial who would decieve ones. That being said, it is not just aliens that can decieve us, nor just channels, but media, or anyone outside of ourselves whom we set up as being more knowledgable spiritually than ourselves.

They may not even know that what they are sharing is not pure for they have not learned the basics or do not practice them diligently. Some channels or spiriutal teachers start out purely and like most people things happen in their lives. Perhaps they get busy and feel sure of their connection and they let down their guard. Perhaps they go through a life altering situation and an energy creeps in of which they are not aware, and they begin operating from either an ego level or from messages of being not fully aligned to the Creator, and thus they don’t intentionally want to misguide you but it can happen so easily. If you are not protecting, discerning and listening from your heart center, you would not be aware just like them and could easily get misguided.

These basic spiritual concepts are not something we are taught in school. Usually the ideas of protection and discernement we learn in life is based on a particular societal bias and directed toward protecting the physcial being and not protecting us from the non physical beings.

Until you have learned these basics you should not deal with non physical beings for many reason. First, they are not all Beings of Light who wish to help us. Second, they can lie to you about who they are and say they are an Angel or highly regarded spiritual being. They can even have the ability to project light and a good feeling. Without the ability to discern you may not know or understand. Third, if you are not clear in your energies and protected, you will attract these lower energy beings and it will be hearder to discern lies and lower energies from Light and Truth.

Then we have the physical level of informational input from cell phone, television, social media, new media, books, speakers, teachers, authors, channels, etc. If you are not able to discern truth, you should never automatically trust that another is fully sharing a higher truth with you. For if they are not using the basics, they can be over shadowed and fooled by lower beings and even energies of mind control or disruptive frequencies which together with their own perspecitves and bias can color their messages. It is also easy when one begins to have followers for the ‘ego’ to come forth and lead them to share what may create more followers, to support them physically, financially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I have attended seminars in which I have seen dark shadows behind a speaker whom many have followed as a guru or teacher. No one else seemed to notice. In a blog or social media, you do not know if the picture of a person is really that person, or even their real name, or what their true agenda may be. I was told at the beginning of my journey to be aware of the message which one brings through. However, even a person with an agenda can speak of Light, Love and happiness, while having a personal agenda to get you to follow a particular path. Be-ware a wolf in sheep clothing.

Let us discuss the tools of protection, clarity and discernment.

Protection is the cornerstone of spiritual growth on planet earth. It doesn’t matter if you are putting on the armor of God as the Christian Bible suggests, or you are calling in the Golden White Light of the Creator, calling upon the protection of Buddha, Or asking Archangel Michael the Protector to surround you with his Blue Light of protection. You need but ask and believe to have the help you need. For in this world of freedom of choice, the Divine and those who serve the Divine cannot interfer in our free will choices without us asking.

You can say something as simple as “Beloved Creator/or Father Mother God, you who created me and all Life Please fill me with your Golden White Light that I may be protected from all that is not of your higher purpose. “

To call upon Archangel Michael ” I call upon Archangel Michael, guardian and protector to surround me with they blue light of protect”ion and to cut any cords that are not of my Divine purpose and mission. “

The protection is with you, even if you don’t fully have faith in it. However, if you have doubts, you leave small tears in your protection through which ones who would decieve and attempt to control you can slip into your energy fields. It is not always just enough to have information and to say the words. You might even believe it is true, but as we have seen people have been known to kill for their beliefs for it is a process of the mind. However, faith moves us beyond the mind into the emotion of spirit. Faith is a produce of the mind while faith is a product of spirit. In my life I always knew I was protected by Archangel Michael. There have been times I have tested that belief, no on purpose but just by my actions and I have always been shown it was truth, which had led to complete faith. However, one day it also became a wisdom when an event occurred and Archangle Michael said to me, ” You would not go away from home and leave your windows open. Why do you not take the same care with you spiritual protection and be aware of your actions so you do not leave the door open for harm. ” I call this being more mindful of my actions. Protection is the most important and basic tool in your spiritual growth for it keeps you safe to focus on the other parts of your spiritual growth. What I have come to understand from that as the years pass is that in the beginning we are like babies, not knowing or understanding how to do this for ourselves. Then one day we become as adults and we are connected to the flow of the Divine consciously and we no longer need for another Being of Light to protect us for the Light of the Creator within us is our shield. However, until then it is always wonderful to know that ones are ready and willing to help if we but ask.

The next step is clearing your energy fields of misqualified or lower blocking energies. This is building upon the foundation of being protected from new energies so now you can clear out the old. The GFL doesn’t speak about clearing, they do speak of opening your crown chakra and connecting to source and bringing the Light into your form to be filled and protected. When asked they said because it is source light and protects you that you need not close the connection. Calling upon the Golden and/or White Light of the Creator and speaking forth your intent to be clear and open will bring this light down into you form. You can use it to clear energies and activate your chakras and build it up and expand it to encircle you and protect you. This is a highly effective form of clearing. Remember to move into your heart center when doing this and to feel the love of the Creator and to be grateful for them connection.

Recently within the last century returned to us was one of the most powerful clearing and transforming energies which had been removed from general population’s knowledge and taken back to the higher light centers and teaching temples. This is the Violet Flame of Transmutation and it has recently been upgraded that you can call upon the Gold Silver and Violet Flame. The high energies of this flame when called upon work to the subatomic level clearing the blockages between the electrons. This will clear the physical form, chakras, etheric bodies and auric field as well as protect. If only using the Violet Flame, I would after clearing and transmuting the energies call in the Golden White Light of the Creator to fill all cleared spaces. This allows the energy to flow freely between the electrons and enlightening you. It is important that when energies are released or removed that they be transmuted back to the light this is part of the balancing process so that they do not return later. I would also call upon Archangel Michael to help you to cut any cords that attach you to other people, places or events through all dimensions and time. You can do this yourself through visualization, but in the beginning of your process it is so helpful to have Archangel Michael help you. Always remember when you call on help to be Thank them for their service and to send love.

There is another step that can be taken along the process and that is asking Archangel Michael will take prayers and petitions for you to the karmic board to be released from any contracts or agreements that you have made in this or any life which do not serve your Divine Purpose and highest light. You may want to wait for this until you can learn more and understand what you are requesting.

One effect way in which to protect yourself and clear is through having a heart focused energy of Divine Unconditional Love which you project to fill your fields. Divine Unconditional Love is the Essence of Creation. There is nothing which can come against Love, when filled with Divine Love we are protected. Love connects us to Source and to each other. Anything which is projected toward love that is not love is reflected back.

Now that we are clear and protected we are better able to move into our heart center and learn to discern Truth from others.

First we need to understand about Truth. I have written in more detail in another writing, so I will condense the information here. There is Divine Truth which are the Universal Laws of Creation. The Universal Laws of Creation are the pattern, regulating and maintaining rules of manifestation of Creation, nothing exists outside of the Universal Laws of Creation which are the manifestation of Universal Mind where Original Divine Truth originates and exists.

When humanity began creating through self will choices no longer aligned to the Divine Will of Universal Mind, although their lesser creations had to fall within the parameters of Universal Laws of Creation the manifestation of those choices were of a lesser vibrational form. We also began to learn to conform to the rules and regulations of this lesser energy manifestation. We were taught from birth certain beliefs, perceptions and values which we use to determine the value or truth of a situation, experience or information as truth or lies.

This is called relative truth. Everyone has relative truth upon the Earth and it is their right to choose your truth for the moment and to change your mind and evolve to understand that their might be a greater truth. The way to break through of the programmed judgements we have been taught is to live a heart centered mindful life, which will reveal the greater truth behind the energy, actions and words of another.

This brings us to discernment for we are trying to discern higher truth from human relative truth. When we are protected, and the clearer our energies can be, the more we are able to quiet our mind and be mindful of our thoughts, words and deeds so that we can in a more pure state move into our hearts. It is in our hearts where the part of us which is the Creator exists. Most of us have built walls around our hearts from experiences, pain, feeling of shame and hurt in our lives, which prevent us from connecting because we do not feel worthy of love, especially the love of the Creator.

This is why the clearing of our energy is so important and the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame came help us to do this. As we remove the blocks and move into our heart center, we can connect to the Creator within and from there we will be shown the truth behind what we see, hear or read. It becomes like a barometer, which allows us to feel a strange uncertain feeling when something is less than right and a feeling of peace when it is of Truth, Light and Love.

Each of us have the ability to know from our heart the Truth and if what we are perceiving is worth our time and energy. We may still choose to ignore those feelings and that is our right. All is from the Creator and returns to the Creator, when they are ready to make that choice, do the needed work to balance their energy and clear the path ahead. We are each on a path of exploring and learning and growing. We are the a part of the Creator exploring our Creation.

A wise man once said to me,” We have all the time in the world, but not a moment to waste. ”

Discernment comes from within, and our ability to discern is based upon our purity of intent and heart based connection to the Creator.

If you want to purchase the message from the Galactic Federation of Light to listen yourself you can do so at: It is for December 11th 2022


It is the GFL December 11, 2022 Summit Meeting

Being of Service

Most of us at some point in our lives ask, “Why am I here?”

You may have a job or career which provides a good income. You may have a spouse, significant other and a family, which give you a sense of purpose in the physical world, yet a part of you feels like there is something more you should be doing.

Why we feel this may be better understood by understanding what happens before we incarnate. Depending on if this is your first incarnation or you have been here many years help you to decided what you would like to experience in this incarnation. Your incarnation is not a happenstance event.

If this is your first incarnation, you may be a Light Being or Highly Advanced Being from another planetary system who has volunteered to come into the Earth to help clear lower energies for the Earth, ground the energies coming in to help humanity to free themselves, to bring a teaching or healing energy or simply to be a Light and spread that Light whereever you go. That is your desired purpose. You will pick the location into which you wish to be born. The family into which you wish to be born that can most help you to accomplish this goal. There will also be agreements between yourself and other souls both on higher dimensions and ones incarnating to help each other in obtaining our goals. Most believe they will not be effected by the dense energy of earth and most get caught up in karmic energies. They may or may not accomplish any or all they wish to accomplish, and many create a karmic debt that must be settled. This karmic energy can be balanced from the spirit side, but because Earth is a faster road to balance, many return to incarnate and take the chance they will accomplish their goal.

For those who are on a repeat incarnation, they follow a similar pattern before incarnation. They choose their karmic goals to balance, service they wish to accomplish and spiritual goals to fulfill. They too will pick their family, location, and agreements with others to help them and each other. Some may come in for a short period of time. For instance, I had one incarnation in South America to a couple who felt the need to experience the loss of a child. I did not live long, but completed the agreement between us.

However, the most important goal is to clear and balance all energies, and to free ourselves to Ascend into Oneness consciousness. Unique in this time lifetime, is a dispenation allows for us to be Ascended Beings in form without having to experience death. This return to Oneness consciousness, allows us to be of Divine Service in the upliftment and enlightenment of Humanity. Something that has been lacking for a long time upon Earth.

There was a time when all humans walked in Oneness with the Creator and All Life and Earth was a paradise. Then the virus of self will and ego centered choices took over, causing us to loose that connection and instead of creating paradise, we created chaos, war, hatred, famine , separation and a feeling of being alone.

To be part of this change personally and to be of Service begins with a choice to walk the Ascension path and to live from the heart with love, compassion, forgiveness and caring for all life. As you become mindful and determined to walk the path to Oneness, you can also be of service. It might be doing that which brings you joy, and sharing with others. It might be helping your children to feel loved and inspiried to love others. You might write a book, care for the elderly, or abused and neglected animals. Not from a sense of obligation but from love, caring and a sense of compassion. When we act in joy and peace, it brings more joy and peace into the world.

One of the greatest gifts of service you can do in your life as you live and grow spiritually is to join the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame team of Archangel Zadkiel and St Germain. You can find meditations upon the internet to learn how to utilize it. I simple call upon Archangel Zadkiel and St Germain to bring forth the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame to ignite, clear and transform all energies within my physical and non physical bodies and auric field down to the subatomic level. I then ask that the Gold flame of love and wisdom and the Silver Flame of Grace fill all the empty spaces so that I may walk in love, light and Freedom.

Once you have cleared yourself, you can if you believe in them call upon the Archangel Zadkiel, Archange Amethyst, and St Germain along with the dragon and unicorns of the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame to take it through the earth, along the grid and ley lines of the earth, through the air around the earth and through the water, clearing, transforming and blessing as they go.

Remember due to Self will choices, they must await our asking to help and intervene upon the Earth. You can send them to a specific area , person or situation to which you know is in need and ask that it be done in accordance with Divine Will for the highest good of All, thus not interfering with anothers choices, and allowing for the energies around them to be cleared so they may more easily access the Higher Light energies coming to them.

The Gold, Silver and Violet Flame is a very high energy gift returned to us at this time in order to help us all to Free ourselves, humanity, the Earth and All Life so that we might transform into the state into which we were created.

May your path be uplifting and enlightened, and may Freedom come quickly.


I AM Mareya Shimayah Elohim

Purity, Transformation, Abundance

A message from Archangel Gabriel

I am Gabriel. Thank you for this opportunity to speak of purity. As humanity is moving into opening the twelve chakra system, I Am helping you to purify and activate as a unit the three lower chakras in the physical form. They are those which you refer to as the base, sacral and navel chakras which connect to your interactions between the spiritual and physical realities most closely. As they are purified they allow you to more closely be heart centered and guided in your interactions and relationships.

Currently humanity has been acting from the fight and flight level of self preservation consciousness. This has been going on for many milleniums, but during the last few decades as we have been bringing forth more intense energies of the Creator to Earth, the reaction of the reaction within many individuals of the misqualified energies are being triggered to a greater extent to be brought forth for purification and transformation.

Unless the individual makes the choice to transform and balance these energies, they will find themseleves more and more reactionary. The key in their process is to understand that balance is what brigns forth harmony. Balance is that which gives and receives of understanding, compassion, and forgiveness in all relationships. All relationships need these emotions whether they are intimate, familiar, friendship, aquaintance, or between countries.

We see the fight and flight rule of action because humans have a fear of lack and so they believe they must control the land, other people and things around them to benefit themselves and support their beliefs and actions. They have lost their connection to the higher persepctive of Oneness and Universal Mind of Creator Source. This is the unifying field of abundance and evolution that provides for the wants and needs of all in balance and harmony.

If each would but open their hearts and mind to the energies of balance they would find that guidance would bring them into the flow of love, gratitude and abundance for self and all life.

As you grow along your personal path to Being, each can be of Service to the Oneness by invoking the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame of trnasformation into the world and all situations. This enables the energies around people to be cleared so that they are more easily able to connect to the Light and Love of the Creator and bring it into their Being and connect to the Higher Perspective of Life.

We thank each of you fro your service in doing this as it will help to transform the world. If you would as you bring this into your individual form, call upon me to bring the White Diamond Light of Purity, I will purify and surround you with this Light enabling you to connect more fully with the Heart and Higher Wisdom along your path.

In Service I AM Gabriel

Spiritual Empowerment

True power is not physical strength but the Light within you.

Today much of what we see and read about in the media, even the video games are about physical power. Those who are the strongest are have the most money are the most powerful. This is the way in which we are educated so that we value those above honesty, truth, integrity, compassion and love.

The highest empowerment that we can possess comes not from without but from within us. The power of the world is but an illusion that fades with the passing of time or the physical form, but the empowerment of spirit, which brings us to enlightenment and unity last for infinity. To reconnect to the guidance of the Divine, our soul within us, connects us to the greatest power of creation and manifestation that exists. This ability to create benefits all life, not just a few. The guidance it brings to us allows us to move easily without the need to control another, or to take from or make another less, in order for us to manifest our vision.

As I was writing this, I was just reminder by spirit of the book called “The Dream Giver” by Bruce Wilkinson. It is a book about the path to freedom of fulfilling our Divine Mission which is a delightful, insightful and inspiriational tale. It is the journey of a man named Ordinary, who lives in a town called familiar, and how as he moves forth to pursue the Dream he was given, his family, friends and people he encounter all try to stop him.

When we connect to the Divine within us, we connect to the power to overcome the border bullies who would stop us, the fear, doubts and obstacles that come along our path. Just because we care Divinely guided doesn’t mean we won’t have trials and obstacles. However, when they happen as we turn within and meet them with love, and higher wisdom, instead of fear, doubt and a need to control from the ego, we will find we are able to move without more ease.

For as we desire something, our soul and the universe begin to gather what we need to manifest it. The ease, and quickness of the manifestation is based upon our integrity, intent, clarity of focus, and the purity and intensity of emotio that this manifestation will bring into our lives.

The connection to All is within us, and as we strengthen that connection and allow the Love, Wisdom, Truth, and Light of the Creator and Universal Mind to flow through us we connect to Infinite Power and possibility. This energy can then pour forth into the world for the betterment of all life.

Last night there was a program about the work being done by Michelle Obama, Melinda French Gates and Amal Clooney to bring the freedom of education and the pathway for young women to pursue their dreams and manifest them in the world. There are many countries where women are not allowed to get an education and they are trying to change this so that they may become all that they can dream. A key phrase I remember is that they are not empowering the girls, for we must empower ourselves, but that they are providing an opportunity for them to choose to do so.

Even in societies where we can get an education, whether male or female most of us have been programed into self doubt to keep us small. They spoke of self doubt, which is the biggest obstacle programmed into us which can stop us from pursuing and manifesting our dreams. Most societies are built upon a determined structure of living in order to exist in that society. It differs from country to country, and between ethnic, moral, spiritual and political ideologies. We are taugth by parents, teachers, media, and other beings of influence how to think and behave in order to live in our society.

For example in America, we have the American dream. This consists of a job, spouse, family, friends, home, food, car and some kind of pleasure pursuit. If you can click off these boxes you are a success, and the more of them and money you have the more successful you are for money gives you power. Often it doesn’t matter how you obtain the money, as long as you don’t get caught, you are considered a success.

The openess, freedom and joy to simply live in the moment and be at one with All life, is trained out of our children day by day. We learn how to behave to get rewards and not get punished. If we have a dream that seems outside of the box, we are taught to surpress it. If we think differently we are punished or laughed at and to be accepted we change our way of acting, thinking and speaking to fit the norm. We learn to doubt our inner guidance, and our dreams as being fantasy and unrealistic. Little by little the spark of spiritual joy dims in our lives. This doesn’t mean you had an unhappy life, just that there is a part of you that you have surpressed and learned to deny that could bring you infinite joy and possibilities.

Often it is when we reach our golden years, and have the free time to contemplate our lives and dreams we begin to remember. Remember the dream, the joy of anticipation that we had to put aside to live in the designated world of familiar. We might think, but what if I had pursued that dream. Well, it doesn’t matter now, for I am too old. Are you?

The Divine Plan has a way of adjusting itself according to the choices that the participants make in their life. If something is needed immediately, another person who is open and willing will be called forth to fulfill that part of the mission. If it is something that can wait, the plan will be adjusted accordingly. Perhaps that exact dream is no longer needed, or perhaps it is. However, there is always something that needs to be done to help to FREE and ENLIGHTEN the world. You need to free yourself, and make the connection wthin and offer your services. Then you will be shown if your dream is still alive or perhaps an even greater dream can be possible because you are wiser and have more time to dedicate yourself to manifesting the new or updated Dream.

The Dream Giver is always ready to welcome you home with love and open arms.

There is always much to be done for one with an open and willing heart and mind. Remember too as a parent or grandparent, you have the opportunity to help to your children and grandchildren to remain open and connected within their hearts with the Divine, so that they can be all that they came into life to be and to manifest their dream and to be of service to humanity.

When we choose to be a parent, that is a major role in helping to change the world by helping our loved ones to keep an open heart and mind connection to their inner light and guidance. You are guiding the future of humanity, are you doing it from a learned place of societal behavior or from a spiritual level.

True power to change ourselves and the world is within each of us. It is a flame of the Divine within our heart. We can connect to it, nurture it and feed it with love and light or allow the flame to get small, so small we forget it exists. Seek it out, go within, embrace it, and ask for it to guide you and fill you with Light and Love. Then share this Light and Love with others. You don’t need to speak it, just be it and visualize it moving outward into the world and they will feel it.

Your Dream is needed and the power to manifest it exists within you, no matter your age.

There is a scripture in the Christian Bible: Isaiah 11:6
“The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.”

Why a little child? Because a child is pure of heart. They know not prejudice, fear, hatred, judgment or self doubt. These emotions are taught to them. A child cannot learn Love, compassion, honesty, integrity and truth in a home where it is not lived. Be the example for others, not just your children but the world. It isn’t a burden something you have to do or you will be punished. It is a gift of freedom to be all that you can be without limitations of the physical world systems, but to bring forth the Enlightened world.

In the abundance teachings of Eshter Hicks she uses the word satisfaction. We know within us that which is of the highest good for us because it brings us satisfaction and we don’t have fear, dount or trepidation regarding it. When we can align our thoughts and emotions to that which brings us satisfaction, by making choices that bring us to that feeling, we will find our ability to manifest and to feel empowered in our lives increases. When we find something satisfying and uplifting, we create an energy around us that attracts more. The universe wants us to be joyful and abundant so they help us in that attraction. When we get confused and have doubts, the energy and momentum falls back, until such time as we make a different choice or refocus our energy. The energy of Creation is LOVE. If we stay heart centered with our mind aligned to our heart, we are centered in the energy of creation. The strength of that emotion allows us to call forth that which is needed to manifest our dreams and desires.

Always be clear and aware of what you want and desire to manifest, for it may not be exactly what you expect if you are manifesting from ego instead of an inner connection to your truth and soul. For instance you may ask for more clients, and get so many that you have no free time, or perhaps the clients you get will be demanding and irritating.

Manifesting, Spiritual Mission and Dreams, Empowerment. If you always seek first the Light within to guide you, the course ahead will run more easily. It doesn’t mean you won’t have obstacles or choices, but you will have a true navigator to help you to follow the higher perspective and choices.

I wish for all people to find the path home to inner light and empowerment, which can help them to manifest the Dream given to them as part of their journey of service and enlightenment on Earth.

I am Marguerite

Prayer and Spiritual Service

We were created to be the caretakers of this planet and the life that is part of its ecosystems. In our materialistic focus we have created an environment that cannot sustain many life forms, including many humans.

We can change the direction in which evolution is happening, but it requires that we begin to work together with a pure intent, focus, and feeling of unity and benefit for all life. We need to fully realize that all that we do has an affect upon another. If one person drops their trash upon the street, another will either pick it up or decide that they can drop their trash also. This leads to a cascade of trash and garbage upon the street. Then the rains come and take the garbage into the sewer system, where it can pollute and clog the systems, the waterways and finally travel into the ocean.

“But it was only one piece of paper they said to themselves.”

The weather is crazy people say. My grandmother told us long, long ago that the energy or people, their anger and frustration will affect the weather patterns. She told us to watch, that when there are many wars, violence and unrest in the world the weather would be chaotic. SHE WAS RIGHT.

We need to begin to make thoughtful choices from a higher perspective, than what can I gain materially from this action or choice. Beyond simply trusting the knowledge of books, media or scientists we need to begin to connect to the part of the Divine Universal Mind of Creation that exists within each of us. Our soul is waiting to help us to guide us, so that we can see things from a higher perspective that is beneficial not just for us, bur for the planet and all life. We can see life in a more balanced and harmonious manner. This will lead to even the weather coming back into a natural balance.

As we connect to our soul guidance within we can not only make better choices, but we can expand our choices to be of Service to all life and the Creator. Many like to refer to this as prayer, it can also be called contemplation, meditation and mindfulness, or listening grace.

I would like to suggest that if you are not aware of the Violet Flame of Transmutation that you look up this subject and begin to practice it in your personal life, to clear old blockages to spiriutal growth and awareness. You can also be of GREAT SERVICE, in sending this energy forth into the earth, around the earth’s grids and ley lines as well as into the air and water ways. You can send it to other people, situations (like war zones) and places. In so doing, you are not interferring upon another persons freedom of choice but allowing the energies around them to be cleared so that they can either accept the VIolet Flame within themselves or they have energies cleared around them so that they can access a higher perspective and energy for growth.

To do this for yourself and for service to others only takes a few minutes a day and can be done, in meditation with eyes closed or open, while walking, showering, during prayer time, while you are watching television, sitting in nature, or simply relaxing.

Just call upon Archangel Zadkiel and the Violet Flame to move through your body releasing and transmuting all blockages and misqualified energies. Then ask that this flame move into the earth, through the earth, around the earth, through the air and water, clearing and transforming the energies, so that all may be free. If you know of a person in need, or a place or situation ask that it be taken there.

NOW – you have become part of the Violet Flame Transmuatation team to help to FREE HUMANITY and ALL LIFE on Earth.

It is time to choose to not be a watcher, who allows things to happen and victimize your life, but an active participant in changing the world for the better.

You can say the following or modify it to your energy and focus:

“Beloved Creator and Archangel Zadkiel. PLease manifest in me the Sacred Violet Flame of Transmuation. Bring the Violet Flame into every cell and electron of my body clearing and filling me completely with its power of transmutation. Let it blaze forth from my heart surrounding me with Divine Grace, Love, Mercy and forgiveness. Transmute all that is not of the Divine within me through all levels and dimensions. Bring into my Being the Gold Flame of Divine Love and the Silver Flame of Divine Grace to fill that which has been emptied of the old with the new. Now send this power ful Flame into the Earth and move outward from the Center of the Earth in accordance with Lady Gaia, the soul of earth to the surface. There to move along the ley lines and grid lines round the earth, through the water and upward through the air, clearing and transmuting all misqualified energies and blockages that prevent spiritual Oneness and growth for All Life. Bring forth and make available to all the Golden Flame of Divine Love and Silver Flame of Divine Grace, that all whom wish may partake and be FREE. THANK YOU Beloved Creator and Archangel Zadkiel for your Love and Mercy. So be it and so it is. “


I AM a being of Violet Fire

I AM the purity God desires.

In service to the Divine in all Life.

Is it worth it?

Is what you are angry or arguing about worth it from an infinite perspective.

It saddens me to look out upon the suffering in the world. If I had billions I would use it to help the suffering in the world. Not to put down how others choose to spend their money, this is simply my preference.

We spend so much time arguing and fighting about things that don’t really matter in the end for they are not of the infinite but the finite. Do you really think that when you leave this earth through death that anyone even yourself will care how big your house was, how much money you had, were you a well known personality?

Or, do you think that you will remember the time you saved a puppy that was abandoned, the time you helped a person who was homeless, the time you helped the elderly person down the street who had no one who cared about them. THINK ABOUT IT.

Is what you are arguing about really that which matters for eternity? Will it make a difference in the world to uplift and enlighten yourself and others? Where we focus our thoughts, energies and intent is what we create in our lives and the world. Is what you are creating or doing truly that which is of integrity, the higher perspective spiritually and will it make a difference in the world?

The choice as always is yours.

Spiritual testing and discernment : Beware of worship of Non Physical Beings. Who are the Aliens, Subterrestrials,Extraterrestrials, Ultraterrestrials (Light Beings)

I was once told one of our final spiritual tests would be the arrival of aliens and whether as in the past we would worship them as gods, or see them as beings with advanced technology.

I think with the time of Disclosure from governments regarding extraterrestrial presence it is important to address this topic. Although, I there are aspects of the television show “Ancient Aliens” with which I have a differnce of opinion, they have been preparing people for this time, and helping ones to recognize that in the past the so called, ‘lesser gods’ of Rome, Egypt, Greece and other places were in reality Extraterrestrials with advanced technology that humans decided were gods because of this technology and worshipped them.

There were many indigenous groups like those of North America, Hawaii, Australia for example, who acknowledge their presence as ancestors who were our starry brothers and sisters. They did not worship them as gods, but saw them as ancestors and teachers. This perspective is what is of value. It is the worship which is the problem spiritually.

Let us look at what these differing terms mean. A alien can be someone not native to a group of people or a region. It can also mean that the life form does not originate or appear to originate from any known life form on earth.

An extraterrestrial is a living being or organism that originates outside of earth but within our known universe or systems of planets, who have a knowledge base beyond that currently known on earth. They come from many places and can be from differing dimensional frequencies based upon their spiritual advancement.

Some are watching earth to help and participate in alignment with the Divine Plan for earth to uplift and enlighten humanity. They might be placed in what is called the Galactic Federation of Light. For they will have reached a certain spiritual level of attainment and dedication to the Divine Will and Plan for creation and the enlightenment and freedom of all Life.

The I would say there is a Galactic Federation. You will notice I did not add Light to the end of that phrase. Why? The Galactic Federation was founded after the Great War as ones decided to turn to peace. This organization became a peace keeping council composed of beings from systems who made the choice for peace. Are they Spiritually advanced Beings? If not, then there is always a possibility that they can choose self will and a desire to control others, which would allow ones to fall into the negative extraterrestrial status. A part of me questions not the intent of the original organization, but the fact that each system has their own Galactic Federation which they might call something different, and these systems can join the original for peace keeping intent. Thus, for me, I question as to the purity of intent of these various federations as to humanity on earth. Do they fall under the mandate of non interference? If not they would fall into the negative extraterrestrial area as to their intent for earth humanity. I would say, to use your personal discernment.

Then there are what we would call negative extraterrestrials. They may have more advanced technology and even operate in a higher dimensional state but they have not reached an ascended state and/or they do not have their hearts fully open and aligned with the Creator and Universal Oneness. These are the source of abductions, genetic manipulation and interbreeding. What is occurring today is similar to what happened long ago to humanity. The desire of an extraterrestrial group to create a group of beings to serve their will.

I understand that many believe this is a positive work and that is their right. What comes to mind is an episode of “UFO Witness” Season 2 epsiode 7, in which Ben Hansen and Melissa Tittl interview a woman who had been a repeat abductee with very intense experiences. When they spoke to her about having her implant removed, she said she wouldn’t because “they” were not through working with her. I realize some abductees have come from another system into embodiment on earth and may have agreed to this process before embodiment. There planet or system wishing to create hybrids.

My guidance says that the ones who want to create hybrids are ones who are not advanced spiritual beings and who do not have an active heart center connection to Oneness. They don’t want to work at their spiritual development or they are unable to do so, either because they are hybrids or non physical beings of some sort not created by the Divine Template. Thus they believe by hybridization they may be able to obtain this status. Again, I would be VERY DISCERNING, before connecting with them.

Subterrestrials are in two categories. There are the advanced civilizations which exist within the earth in what is called Hollow Earth. They exist within other dimensional space within the earth. Many began as part of advanced civilizations upon the earth from prior periods of time like Shamballah or Lemuria and Atlantis before they sank and the inhabitants went underground.They have advanced technology and knowledge but do not interfer with human life.

There are also subterrestrials who are extraterrestrial in origin who live below the surface of the earth and who do work at manipulating and controlling humanity and life on earth. I would classify them with negative Extraterrestrials.

Then there are the Ultraterrestrials or Whole Light Beings. These entities exist in pure bodies of light energy and can travel by thought from one location to another. They can appear to us in a form which we can see or they can be by us and be unseen. They move from one location to another via their Merkabah vehicle of light, merely by thinking of where they wish to be and matching the vibration of that location. They work with the Councils of Light to bring us the message of “Peace and Preparation” for the advancement of our souls. I believe they oversee the work of the Galactic Federation of Light or at least work hand in hand for the advancement of Humanity.

Protection and Discernment, these two words are the key to working on multidimensional levels with Whole Light Beings. These skills allow us to have the inner wisdom, peace, and connection to the higher light needed to participate with the many worlds which have made this attaiment as part of the Creators Plan for creation. Some may be able to see these Whole Light Beings before they are able to receive them. You may see how they work with the Councils of Light to serve humanity but to receive them means that we prepare ourselves vibrationally to welcome them into our lives and to be able to serve with them in the Enlightenment and Freedom of Humanity.


Now as their existence is finally being acknowledge, what is the next step. Do you run to embrace them no matter what? Do you worship them? Should you be afraid? Are they here to help or hurt us?

First I believe you need to look within yourself as to what are your desires in contact with aliens? Are you searching for some meaning in your life? Do you want to escape earth and your life here? Do you want someone to come in and save you from spiritually and/or physically? Do you believe they can give you eternal life? Do you just want someone to come in and take care of you, perhaps through higher technology so you don’t have to work and struggle anymore? Do you believe they are messengers of the Creator?

A wise man once said to me in regards to aliens – “There is no place else to go and no one can save you but you.”

As I have grown in spiritual wisdom I come to know and understand this on new and deeper levels. There is no savior outside of ourselves, for we are connected to each other and to our Creator within our hearts. A part of the Creator called the I AM Presence is connected to each of us through our Soul. We are always connected to Source, but we have a veil of amnesia which has caused us to forget and now is the time to remember and to remove that veil. Don’t look to the ET’s as saviors. They good ET’s are only able, if we ask, to help us not save us. The Angels are able if we ask to bring to us the Light, Love, Peace and aspects of the Creator for which they serve. They are part of us and the Creator.

There is no where else to go – means the way to be free or saved if you choose to use that term is to go within not out there. Everyone is searching outside of themselves for answers which are within us all the time.

In the Christian Bible, Jesus said, in Luke 17:21, “The Kingdom of God is within you.”

Thich Nhat Hann – says of the Buddhist view of God or Creator ,”So, to me, God is not an abstract idea, but something very real that you can encounter in every moment of your daily life. Your body belongs to the kingdom of God, your mind also. That flower, that stream of water, that tree: they all belong to the kingdom of God, and it’s too bad if we are caught in our anger, in our fear, in our jealousy, and cannot get in touch with the kingdom of God. And if we don’t know how to get in touch with the kingdom of God and with God, we will waste our life.”

I write this message at the prompting of spirit because disclosure is bringing us to a point of choice along our path.

Our focus should be on our spiritual growth and inner connection with Spirit. This is the only way we can truly be Free.

This is where we will be shown DISCERNMENT to know the benevolent extraterrestrials from those who would do us harm.

Worship of Beings outside of ourselves will never lead us to freedom only control.

The choice as always is yours.


Faith & Healing

A conversation I had recently involved the relationship of faith, healing and the Creator. In the last few days I have felt the nudge of spirit to speak about this. I have learned that the nudges keep coming until I complete the task.

First to address is the relationship between the medical field and healing. Some people totally put their trust in Doctors and some totally in Faith healing. Like everything else on this planet we have the extremes of duality often appearing. At this time upon the Earth each have a place for most people are not prepared spiritually to completely heal themselves. Even when we are, there may be times when someone has a fall and perhaps break their legs. The leg will heal but it must be properly aligned to heal correctly, thus a doctor or some person with knowledge of doing this properly is needed.

Although, we all have the potential because we are an aspect of the Creator to heal ourselves, most do not have the understanding, faith and belief to do so at this time. We can say we believe this, but to fully manifest this in our lives, we must believe without a doubt. For when doubt appears, the healing may not be complete. When our faith and belief are strong and no doubt exists, healing will be complete, and in some cases instantaneous and seem miraculous.

So, at this time Doctors still have their place in our world, to bring healing to humanity. In the future ones will come to learn more and more about the natural healing properties of plants that has once again become a subject of study, and it is beginning to be accepted more within the medical field. This is a great step forward from chemical drugs.

All disease either begins within our thougths and beliefs or are the result of lifestyle choices and the chemicals in or on our food. When humanity more and more demands that industry and growers stop using chemicals as is becoming more popular these days, we will see many diseases and allergies disappearing. Many times Doctors can only treat the symptoms and keep the disease at bay through medicine because ones will not change their lifestyle or there is no cure at this time. Unless you are determined to take responsibility for your personal spiritual growth which will lead to the ability to reconnect to the healing powers of the Creator, you should still utilize a combination of medical care and investigate natural medicines over chemicals would be of benefit.

Now to the topic of hands on healers, energy healers, and faith healing. A honest energy or hands on healer will tell you they do not do the healing. They are a channel for the healing energies of the Creator and are facilitating a connection between you and the Divine power to heal within you. The key here is when you see on television what seems a miraculous healing, you are not seeing what happens months down the road. In the fevor of the moment, one when surrounded by others and the strength of energies that a strong healer can connect you with can produce wonderful results in the moment. However, unless you are strong in your belief that your are healed, and change any mental, emotionl and physical processes which created the disease in the beginning you have a strong potential for it returning. It is not the healers fault, they are simply the channel who like a doctor is working to help you.

TRUE HEALING begins and ends within you and comes from the strength of your trust, belief and faith in your connection to the Creator.

The same is true of calling upon the Angelic Beings of Light to heal you. They can bring it to you but if the healing is to occur and be permanent depends on the strength of your faith, belief and choices in the future.

So, the choice begins with you. I would say to begin your spiritual journey of clearing and connection to the Divine. Continue to utilize medical professionals, make lifestyle changes, investigate natural supplements and as your faith and connection grows, your will find yourself having less and less illness and disease for the Light will heal and keep you well.

I hope this helps to clear some questions.