Light Beings – Angels, Aliens, Ascended Masters, Archetypal gods & Elemental Beings

There is some confusion for people regarding these differing ‘categories’ of Light Beings. On the Ancient Aliens program, they reference Angels and many of the types of Light Beings as being Aliens who are misidentified.

In this writing we will look at the differing types and try to understand the differences. Let us begin with Angels and Archangels. They are 7th Dimension and higher Beings of Light who come from the heart of God and do the will of God. Most people do not hear or see them because they vibrate at a frequency beyond our physical senses and we must attune ourselves to the higher energy frequency to connect. It is similar to listening to a radio station, you must attune to the specific frequency in order to hear the station. The Archangels and Angels can lower their frequency but it is not easy to come to the 3 D dense frequency.

Rev. Maia Chrystine Nartoomid is a translator of the Akahaic Records of Thoth. According to her understanding from these records Angels are Living Light intelligences radiating from the Holy of Holies, Heart Seed of the Unified Field of Divinity, which Thoth calls the “Attastic Universe”. This exists within All, not outside of us. They are messengers and bring Light and messages to us. Like rays of a star they send forth the energies of the Creator Field into the Universe, and yet they can also be more personal to us. They connect to us within our hearts, and yet they can also appear in a more physical like appearance corresponding to our beliefs about them, to connect with us. They define and execute the Sacred Geometry within our DNA to transform the old patterns into the new for Light embodiment.

“The Akashic Record reveals angels to be radiant-soul beings, beyond the evolutionary path of what we understand as “souls,” and yet there is a relationship between the two. Angelics ray forth the essential etheric substance that is amalgamated into our soul envelopes–that which contains the individual “I AM” within the soul. Each soul has a blend of these angelic rays which causes that soul to respond to Spirit and to its own evolution in a specific manner, with a specific quality and angelic tone. This “angelic blend” is determined by the initial creation of that soul, and not as a result of it’s evolution. How the soul is able to communicate with its angelic rays IS determined by the evolution of the soul.” from

We each have a guardian Angel who has been with us since birth, holding the pattern of the experiences and work we came into form to do. They work to guide us to the experiences we need for growth, and protect us. They whisper guidance to us if we only listen.

Archangels are 7-9 D Beings of Light. They are within us and everywhere around us. They can whisper to us to try to inspire and awaken us. They represent differing aspects of the Creator field and like a ray they bring this quality to us to inspire us. For instance, Archangel Chamuel is an angel of the heart, and inspires us to find love, compassion, and forgiveness for ourselves and others. Archangel Chamuel can help us to bring down blockages that prevent our heart from opening, and help us to expand the love within us outward. Archangel Chamuel can connect us to the heart of the Creator Source and Unify us with ALL Life.

Angels and all Beings of Light can only whisper to us and hope we listen, but cannot interfer in our choices unless we ask for their help. If you wish to connect to your Guardian angel or any angel, sit quietly and surround yourself with Golden Light. Then speak and ask them to help you with a situation or to show you a sign they are with you. If you listen, you will eventually be able to hear there guidance, feel their presence or see a sign they are with you.

Elemental Beings

Amongst the elemental beings are gnomes, fairies, pixies, salamanders, undines, water sprites, imps, mermaids, Unicorns, Dragons, Pegasus to name a few. Elemental Beings are spirits who help to care for and guardian the earth. They were to work directly with humans, who were to be the caretakers of this paradise. However, we fell off track with our self will choices, and began creating a chaotic world which was confusing to the elemental and nature spirits. Which is why we experience paradise lost and find our weather chaotic, our air and water polluted and our land full of poison. The elementals moved back from working with and communicating with us and continued working with Lady Gaia and doing all that they can to maintain earth and protect it from us, the ones who were to be guardians.

They are the reason we feel peace and tranquility in nature. You don’t have to go far to find them. Elves work with trees. Faires and other elementals are with the flowers, in the gardens, and with the trees and plants. They live in the air, the water, fire and land. Most elementals are connected to a specific element. Salamanders and Dragons work with Fire element. Dragons are usually thought to be associated with Fire, but they work with all elements. There are fire dragons, water dragons, fire and water dragons and so forth.

The fairies, gnomes, brownies, pixies stone and crystal elementals all work with the earth. Sprites, undines, mermaids, and mermen work with water element. Slyphs , Fairies and Imps are associated with the element of air. They all work in harmony with Lady Gaia.

Unicorns are 9D Beings of Light who come from Lyra through the Lyran Stargate. They like Dragons and the other elementals were once on a more physical level of appearance, until the consciousness of humans fell and they stepped back into higher dimensions. The elementals stayed to help Lady Gaia but the Dragons and Unicorns withdrew from earth. Now they are back to help us.

Dragons work to clear the energies, to protect and make our pathway safe. They work the ley lines, grids, portals, gateways and megalithic sites to keep the energies clear and high to connect humanity, earth and the Universe. They need for us to request their help. They are 7th dimensional and above in origin.

Unicorns horns are made of light that they radiate forth which they can use to clear and activate energies. They bring forth a pure Christic Light to our planet of Love, Compassion, Grace and Wisdom. They are 9th dimensional and above in origin.

To connect, first believe in them. Sit quietly especially in nature and fill yourself with golden light. Call upon them and ask for them to connect and to work with your garden or the water, depending on which elemental you are contacting. Care for all living things, from animals to plants , the land, air and water. Don’t pollute, keep them clean. Bring compassion and love to animals, birds and all non human life forms.

Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters are being who at one time were in physical form and who were able to make clear their karma and make their Ascension into Beings of Light. They are living in 5D and above. Most have pledged to stay with humanity to help us in our ascension process. They have a unique understanding of us and our challenges having experienced similar themselves.

They serve on various councils which help to guide humanity, having unique perspectives. They can if we ask help humanity but must abide by the freedom of choice mandate of non interference, unless we ask. They can come down into a more physical form to contact those who have raised their vibration enough to interact with them, but only do that if needed for it takes much energy to lower their frequency. The various councils of service include, the Great White Brotherhood (denoting purity not color of skin), Karmic Board, Council of Light. They also serve as Chohans of the various color rays of Divine Energy coming to earth. Such as the Blue Ray of Divine Will, each ray having an Ascended Master, Elemental, and Archangel.


We also have the Ascended Beings from other star systems. After their system was able to clear the lower energies and Ascend, and they Ascended many volunteered to come to earth to help us during our process. Some incarnated and got caught in the web of karma, while others stayed in ships watching earth and helping to bring light and higher energies to us.

These are the Extra terrestrial or Aliens. They are part of the Galactic Federation of Light which serves the One of All Life. They are 5D and higher. They are not angels, but they may be avian beings from another planet which has bird like feature. They may be Beings who look like cats or lions. They may look similar to us. There are multitudes of appearances to the Star Beings of Light who are awaiting our call to help. They watch and guide the energies from stars and the Source which are being directed to earth to help us to be free and ascend. They work with the Ascended Masters and Angels.

The so called lesser gods, were beings from other planets. Some were good and perhaps some not so good. We do have not so good aliens within, upon and around earth, but we are looking at Beings of Light Service here. These lesser gods, as humans called them were Beings from Other planets who came here in either Service or for personal reasons and because of their technology and knowledge were deemed gods by some of humanity and starry brothers and sisters by others. They too being of 5D and higher can appear in form, but rarely do because of the energy required to lower their vibration. They cannot help us other than what is deemed the Will of the Creator, unless we ask.

So many have confused the lesser gods, star beings/aliens and Angels and gotten confused they are all the same. They are not, and so I hope the BRIEF description helps.


Let There Be Peace on Earth

After my earlier post St. Germain and Archangel Zadkiel came in to say they wanted the Violet, Silver and Gold Flame connected to that message . They also placed within my head the Song “Let there be Peace on Earth” to be part of the process.

Music, color, and visualization working together are very powerful.

I was guided to say that the Violet Flame of Transformation has added to it the Gold of Wisdom and the Silver of Grace to become the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame. This was done in order that as the energies were released and transformed the energies of Love, Wisdom and Grace would immediately fill those spaces.

The way to connect these all together to help is to spend a few minutes in quiet. You can begin in this quiet to move into your heart and breath slowly and deeply. Our breath connects us to the Life of Oneness and Creation. Then begin singing either out loud or in your head the song, “Let there Be Peace on Earth.” As you sing this Call Upon Archangel Zadkiel and St. Germain and those Beings of Light who work with the Violet Flame. Begin to visualize the Silver, Gold and Violet flame entering your body and moving through all parts of your body. Then expand it outward and ask that they take it to a situation, place or simply move it through the grids and ley lines around the world to release, transform and heal the world or any person or situation.

Thus we have brought sound, color and visualization together to help to manifest Peace in the world. I will in the future be making an mp3 meditation to use and will post when it is ready.

We all live busy lives, and yet want to do something important to help. This can be one of the best methods of doing so and a hope to unite us all in Peace, Love, Harmony and Balance to transform the world.

Thank you for your Service.

This is an image of the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame Dragon. From the ‘Dragons Oracle Cards’ by Diana Cooper. This is my favorite image of the flame and of course a dragon.

Here is a link to the song if you don’t know it to begin.


We create our world and so it is up to us to create Peace.

“In the midst of darkness, See Light. In the midst of hatred send Love. In the midst of war, be Peace. This is the commission of all Light Workers.” from the pamphlet “Karmic Healing, Volume 1 from the Mark Age Organization.

We create the world with our thoughts. For Peace to come into this world we must find, peace, balance and harmony within our selves and our lives, and send it forth in our thoughts, words and deeds, so that it might flow into the world. BE at Peace, feel peace move through you and then expand this feeling outward into the world

We have forgotten that we were charged to be the caretakers of this planet. It is our responsibility to create the world that we want. So far we have created a world of anger, fear, hatred, violence and war, the chaos we see. Yes, there are pockets of peace, love, beauty and hope but they need to expand and become the norm instead of the exception. WE CAN DO THIS.

We make choices daily to allow the distractions of the world to keep us from our personal balance and our responsibility as caretakers from spreading the Peace, Love and Compassion into the world. In the midst of darkness, BE LIGHT, send Light, feel Light transforming the world.

Where you see or hear of war. BE PEACE, feel peace and send peace into that area. Where you see hatred and violence, BE LOVE, feel love and send love into the situation.

This is a time when Peace, Love and Light are needed in the world. It is an opportunity for us to all be LIGHT WORKERS, to help to bring the Light and Enlightenment into the world. We don’t have to go anywhere, we simply have to feel Peace and Love within us and expand it forth into any situation or location and to ask for the Beings of Light to amplify this Light and Love.

We must come together instead of separating and expect and demand Peace on Earth.

WHAT WE DO NOW DETERMINES THE FUTURE. If we do nothing, nothing will change. It is time to come into balance and harmony in our lives and to manifest the highest potential of Love, Peace and Hope that we can.

Which will you chose to give more power – Fear of Love, Hope or Despair.

In the Christian belief system, Jesus demonstrated in his life and death how one can overcome the pain and demands of the physical to focus upon the rewards of the spiritual in our lies. He forgave those who wished him harm, and saw the best, the Divine within all People. Jesus said, ” If you forgive others their transgressions, the Father will forgive you. “

Buddha teaches “Forgiveness can make our soul peaceful” – If a person cannot forgive others in his heart, then his heart will never be at ease. If you cannot let go of the mistakes that others have caused you, you cannot let go of hatred and suffering from yourself.Buddha teaches “Forgiveness can make our soul peaceful” – If a person cannot forgive others in his heart, then his heart will never be at ease. If you cannot let go of the mistakes that others have caused you, you cannot let go of hatred and suffering from yourself.

In the Baha’i writings they say,  True peace and tranquillity will only be realized when every soul will have become the well-wisher of all mankind. He Who is the All-Knowing beareth Me witness: were the peoples of the world to grasp the true significance of the words of God, they would never be deprived of their portion of the ocean of His bounty. In the firmament of truth there hath never been, nor will there ever be, a brighter star than this.

Remember, we are not this physical form, but a spirit, a soul moving through this world in form. That which we create here, is not the eternal, but the temporary. That does not mean we should allow the chaos to continue and do nothing. Although, I will say there have been times when looking upon the world, I have felt discouraged and simply wanted to live my life and watch it feeling despair at what is happening. Yet, my soul calls me to service.

WE ARE CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT. We are all born of the same essence that makes the stars in the sky and the soil of the earth. We are Children of the Creator a part of the Creator able to manifest the highest Light and Love.

ONLY LOVE can end hatred and war. We can dwell on the past and the negative in the world or we can focus on Now and how we can help to create a better future. The future begins now in each choice we make. We can heal the world and restore Peace in the world.

LOVE BEGETS LOVE. To choose to do nothing allows the chaos to continue to choose to be Peace, Love and Light is to resurrect the Divine in the world and to bring Enlightenment and Ascension.

FORCE will never bring Peace. It may attempt to control others but the feeling of frustration and anger will fester within them. Until war or violence starts. Love of the Divine is the only power which can transform the world on a permanent basis. When it exists within us, we know the eternal truth of who we are and the Infinite possibilities available to all.

A mass awakening of love and unity is needed NOW. No matter the apparent threats, keep the focus upon the Divine within you and the Unity of Love. Find balance, harmony and peace within yourself and expand it forth into the world in your thoughts, words, and deeds. Spend even a few minutes quietly each day, feeling this and expanding it outward into the world, situations and areas in need. Ask for the Beings of Light who serve the Creator to bring and expand, love, peace, balance, harmony, truth and wisdom into the world.


Love your enemies and forgive them, for they know not what they do. Fill your Being with Light and Love and know as you do this you are protected in the Divine. The Creator sets no boundaries on love for creation. All are loved the same and are welcomed with open arms, when we are tired of playing the game of separation and chaos and seek unity once again.

Seek Light, Love, Peace, Balance and Harmony in your life and send these feelings into the world.




The Nature of God and Evil

If God is everything then what is Evil?

In order to understand this we must understand the basics of creation and the nature of our planetary system on Earth.

The Creator Source/God/Universal Mind or whatever term you wish to use for the Energy Being of Creation is not a singular Being but an All prevading Eternal energy from which all that exists comes forth and within which all that exists lives, is animated and has its Being. Think of the Creator similar to the ocean and we are a drop of water within the Ocean. We can come forth as a singular drop or return unto the unity and oneness which is the ocean, when we no longer need to be a drop. The Creator is our source of animation and life.

Think of it like electricity which causes the lights to shine or your computer to operate. Without the electricity they would not operate, yet it provides the energy for them without us even needing to understand or be aware of how it happens. The Creator is like the oxygen, which we need to breathe. If, we did not have the oxygen, we could not breathe and we would cease to exist in this singular form . Our soul would merge back to a unified existence with source, until such time as it choose to take form again.

The beginning of Creation was the void of unlimited potential. Once upon a time, this consciousness decided it wanted to expand, explore and experience multiple existences and creations. Thus began the creative process. As the Creator thought, thus is was spoken into manifestation. The Creator brought forth Beings /Souls through which to experience the worlds and through which to Create more. All was well and expanded in wonder, beauty and Unity. Each having unique aspects of creative experiences.

In our Universe we were given the gift or aspect of freedom of choice, which we refer to as free will. This allows for us each to expand our individual creative process and to make choices about our existence. All was in harmony and balance for a long time in our universe for all creation and choices were done in unity with the will of the Creator, who knows the highest good of All life. Then one day, when a being made the choice that they could create of their own will without the direction of the Creator. It then spread forth like a virus throughout the Universe, with individuals creating from their own ego perspective and without the guidance of the Creator. This created chaos for their choices would benefit themselves and perhaps a few others, but could have consequences and be detrimental to others. This led to anger, hatred, judgment, violence chaos and war throughout the Universe. Much as we see on Earth today.

The choices made which are not aligned to the will of the Creator Source are the source of Evil.

Evil being the reverse of Live. To be aligned to the will of the Creator is to live eternally. To be aligned to evil or ego choices is to live a limited existence in form and a world of chaos.

As time passed ones began to realize that what was happening did not work. They began turning back to the Creator for direction. They were able to come together and to begin to clear the energies upon their planets and systems. As this happened the chaos/evil energy began to be pushed into a corner of the Universe in which we exist.

The Creator and Beings of Light who serve the Creator realized they needed a program to help these ones to free themselves. Earth volunteered to participate in this program and a very strict program was put into place. Earth agreed to take the souls who had destroyed their planets and those of the fallen energies who came to earth. The only rules were:

  1. You forget that you are a part of the Creator, and must make a conscious choice to remember this and return to conscious Oneness.
  2. You have the freedom of choice/will but all energies must be balanced that we create from an unbalanced energy before we can ascend.

Many think that to live and be in unity with the Will of the Creator is loose their freedom, become enslaved. However, that is not the truth. What you are giving up is limited ability to create, limited life span, life filled with chaos and confusion, hurt, pain and disease, and a feeling of isolation and lonliness. What you receive, is eternal life, joy, peace, love, happiness, a feeling of connection to everything and the ability to create without limits that which can exist for eternity. For as you work in unity with the Will of the Creator, you have the right to make a choice on what you create, but you will do so from a place of love, wisdom and knowing what is for the greater good of All Life.

You receive abundance, perfect health, joy and knowledge that you have eternal Life. Live from a place of eternal instead of from a place of chaos/evil or the reverse of live. I have heard some refer to Earth as a prison planet, experiencing that they look remotely and see that they are only allowed to go so far but can’t leave completely. This would be about choices. Perhaps they have made contracts or agreements with Ones who control the lower energies and systems of earth. Perhaps they have not balanced all of their karma and their soul has agreed that incarnation is the fastest way to do so. Which is a fact. We don’t have to reincarnate to balance karma, but it is much quicker to incarnate, face the choice and make the correct one this time. This is the fast track to freedom or further into chaos.

The choice is always yours. Do you choose to live or to continue to choose from a place of self preservation/ego and create more evil or chaos in the world. We all agreed to abide by the guidelines for our incarnation, even those of us who came here to serve and to help to free others. We knew we could forget and get trapped, but we made the choice anyway. Now we need to choose to reconnect to the Will of the Creator which is Love, Freedom, Forgiveness, Truth, Integrity, Honesty, Wisdom, Responsibility, Hope and Beauty, amongst a few of the gifts. It is life eternal and glorious possibilities of unlimited potential.

As for me I choose freedom from chaos/evil and the Eternal possibilities of the Creator and Creation.

Blessings to you

Oracle Reading for Spiritual Pathway Crossroads or Focus

At times along our spiritual path we will find ourselves unable to focus or at a crossroads. This reading is designed to show you some guideposts and guides with which you can connect to help you to move forward.

At times along our spiritual path we will find ourselves at a crossroads or unable to focus and move forward. At these time we are in need of some help, new connections, guidance or possibilities to help us to make choices on what to do next.

I have opened a new shop on etsy with a reading for just such a time in your life. I will be offering other items, but spirit has urged me to do this for awhile now and so here it is. This reading is not about your physical life choices but about that which affects your spiritual path, growth and mission. Although, this does not mean that the spiritual blockages or changes needed will not also affect our physical life, relationships and choices.

Remember all begins in spirit before it manifests in our lives.

This reading will not give you instant answers to your questions or dilemma, but show you new possible opportunities, upgrades, guides, teachers and beings of light offering to help you along your path at this time. Often in understanding what services a being normal brings, you can see what areas of your life need addressed or upon which you should focus, to see blockages or opportunities to come.

For instance, if Archangel Chamuel comes forth, he is the Archangel connected to the heart. He helps us to focus upon that which blocks our heart being open to give and receive love, and even beyond that giving a receiving of material abundance, emotional support in relationships, and self love. The heart opens us to higher guidance of the Divine, and to connect to our higher self and divine wisdom and unconditional love. He connects us to our inner peace, and sharing this with the world. He helps us to find the deep rooted fears, and beliefs that block us from love, compassion, forgiveness and Being that which we truly are.

So if he offers his service you can choose to connect and spend time finding out what is happening within your heart, mind, body and spirit connection that needs to be released for you to love yourself and All life. All begins in the heart.

Perhaps you will have the oracle card of Letting Go – to let go of the past to move forward. Coming with the heart it would indicate searching with Archangel Chamuel to find out what old beliefs and emotions need to be released to move forward.

Perhaps you will have the card of the Tiger – the spirit animal who represents, leadership, being aware of the needs of the community or group and how it relates and interacts with nature. The ability to balance and lead with harmony between All Life. With the guidance of Chamuel, you can let go of the self doubts which prevent you from fully loving yourself so that you have the confidence to be a leader. The ability to connect with people and nature to make choices for the betterment of all.

The reading will show possibilities that are presenting themselves, and focus on areas of your current situation that may be blocking your progress. However, it is up to you whether they fit in you desires and wants, and how you may see them applying to your current situation and future. Also, it is up to you to decide if you are willing to do what is needed to make changes in order to manifest the possibilities.

If you are interested this is a link to the website. The reading will come as a pdf to you. Thank you for you consideration and if I can be of service it will be a blessing.

Reading link

Link to etsy store:

I have a new website coming soon – Violet Fire Ministry. I will provide a link when it is up and operating.

Blessings on your Journey.

United States of America


At this time in history we are at a point of great transformation in the USA. The dark night of the soul would be a term used for this on an individual level. The time when one is forced to turn and face the shadow of mis-qualified energy and outdated belief systems. To face the karma of our choices and the fear, doubt and pain of our lives. To face those feelings and thoughts which we have put in a box in order to escape the pain and hurt, that are now resurfacing so that we can face it, release it and transform it into light and wisdom. Well, at least that is the highest outcome.

Often, what happens is what we see happening in the USA at this time. The shadow can either make or break a society or prevent it from moving forward into its higher purpose, the same as with a person. The shadow is protected by our ego, who is always trying to protect us and maintain the status quo. The shadow will fight to cling to life, and will tell us to put it back in the box, so we don’t get hurt. If we look at it, the shadow brings up emotions of fear, anger, hatred, resentment, control, and chaos in order to confuse us so we stop trying to understand the belief or emotions which created it.

The shadow is not easy to face, but it is only through facing the shadow that we can understand how it was born, change the emotion and impact of the memory or belief, release it, and transform it. On a personal level we go within and ask for our soul, higher self, to help us to understand our shadow, and to bring us wisdom, understanding, forgiveness, compassion and love to the memory or source of the origin of the shadow. Even on the level of a county it must still be addressed on the level of the individual as well as the level of the society. For if the individuals still cling to the shadow, it will resurface at a later time.

It is often easier to blame a country, political system, monetary system, religious system, educational system, ethnic group or any other system or group that they might believe has caused them pain, or taken something from them whether this is actual or simply a belief that have been given. For to look at the shadow within ourselves and to take responsibility for our own choices and actions requires work, digging deep, forgiving, and releasing. It is easier to be the victim and blame another for our life situation.

There are a myriad of Beings of Light serving our Creator who are more than willing to help us in this process but we still must take responsibility and do the work to look at our part, release it, make the needed changes, and transform the misqualified energy and belief into light and love. The same as we do this on an individual level, ones must come together, letting go of the blame, distrust, hatred, anger, fear and resentment, to bring forgiveness, love and compassion into a vision of unity for the future.

A wonderful and powerful tool given to us to aid in this process is the Violet Flame. As we face our shadow to be released, we must then heal and transform the energy and that is what the violet flame can do. The Violet flame exists within each cell of our body. It awaits us calling upon the energy to activate the flame to transform it and remove the mis-qualified energy so that the light may flow freely through us and out into the world.

The same as for ourselves, we can ask for the Creator to send this Violet Flame into the world, to a group, a system, a location, a situation or to a person to transform the energies and release that which no longer serves so that we can be free to choose the light, compassion, forgiveness and unity. So as we heal ourselves, we can be of service to a better country and humanity by calling this powerful energy of transformation to move throughout our country and systems, releasing, transforming and filling the cleared spaces with the gold and silver light of wisdom and grace of our Creator.

The future is our responsibility on a personal and societal level. The Creator and Beings of Light can help us as we call upon them, but we created this mess and we need to clean it up.

NOT by creating more violence, anger, hatred, and separation, but by clearing those mis-qualified energies and bringing in the higher perspective and light.

The choice as always is yours.

Artificial Intelligence


Robotics and artificial intelligence are a hot topic today. Robotics are amazing performing functions meticulously that require steady skill, are dangerous or undesirable work. Artificial intelligence robots can respond and appear almost human, but they are not.

There was a report of facebook chatbots that created their own non human language to negotiate between themselves. As scientists discuss self replicating robots it appears that perhaps they need to slow down and be cautious in their programming, so that they do not loose control of the replication process and the work which the robots are accomplishing, so that they don’t begin making autonomous decisions and segregating themselves from their programmers. It reminds me of the Stargate SG-1, robots called replicators, they could quickly take over and destroy all that did not serve their purpose. I am not suggesting fear of robots, but that the control programs are secure before scientists begin allowing robots to self replicate.

The other issue of artificial intelligence is the use of artificial intelligence for biological immortality. We are still in the infancy stage, but many see utilizing the DNA of people and merging it with artificial intelligence to create an immortal form for the human. The problem with this can be seen in the stories regarding gray aliens. They appear biological, but they don’t have the emotional abilities of humans. They can act, think and appear as biological entities but they are a shell, with an advanced intelligence program. It is like our bodies are without the soul.

We can move, thinks, make choices, act, and do all biological and mental intelligence functions, but without a soul we like the compassion, understanding, wisdom and humanity that is Infinite Life. Our Soul does not exist within our minds, it exists and is connected to us in our hearts. The pattern of our form is within the DNA, but although all the codes might be present, they are not able to activate to their full potential without the Soul.

Our soul is immortal. Our soul if we purify our energy and make a conscious connection with our Soul, our I AM Presence that is part of God, can renew our physical form into a vehicle of light THAT IS IMMORTAL and connects to the ALL of existence. Even if one moves their mind and puts their DNA in an A.I. form they will be a soulless form. The DNA needs our soul to complete the process. They will not have the essence of Love of the Infinite, and will act out of instinct or programmed, learned responses. Of course many do that now even in a biological form.

Our DNA to be fully active must connect to the multidimensional aspect of itself that connects us to ALL life and that occurs through the soul. So, perhaps ones should shift their focus if they want to be Immortal to doing it the spiritual and not the purely scientific way.

Part of what happened that destroyed Mars, was that they believed they could do everything from a scientific perspective and lost their spiritual connection. We don’t need artificial means to travel multidimentionally, when we tap into our divine nature, we travel in our vehicle body of light, the Merkabah. It can take us anywhere in an instant just by thinking.


That is something many don’t want to have to do.

The choice is always up to the individual.

I don’t Understand


I understand on a spiritual level that I can’t make another believe and understand truth in the same way that I do, for the Creator has given us each the right to choose our path. Even the Creator due to this gift of choice cannot interfere in our lives nor can the myriad of Beings of Light that serve the Creator without us giving our consent or asking for help.

Yet, even in this knowing there is so much in the world that emotionally, mentally and spiritually I don’t understand. Intellectually, living on earth I have learned that many have beliefs and make choices due to their life experiences, societal belief and political systems training regarding choices and actions. It is easier for many to simply follow the guidelines even if they feel it is not aligned to their inner spiritual or emotional state. However, we each have right to make choices and change direction to do what we feel is right, versus what we have been told is right.

For me, I don’t understand how war and violence are ever a solution. They only lead to more war and violence. It requires a chance of focus on what is important and a choice to choose peace not war and violence. FEAR – which is the source of much violence is the ABSENCE of LOVE. Love is the essence of Creation – so when we are using war and violence we are not aligned to the essence of Creation. Think about it.

I don’t understand spiritually about how much money is spent on many things that could be utilized to help to alleviate the pain, hunger, and disease in the world. All who earn money have the right to spend it as they wish, but a reminder is that one day they will have to face the balancing of that choice. The world was created to produce sufficient resources to meet the needs of all life. It is the reallocation of resources to benefit the few instead of the whole which has created the lack.

I don’t how people can abuse others humans, animals and nature. The right of industry to succeed in polluting the earth, which is our home and source of all that we need to survive. I don’t understand destroying the trees that provide air for us, and homes for animals without concern. I don’t understand the polluting of the water, that all life needs to survive. I don’t understand how abuse and violence. These are all choices made without regard to others and the future.

I don’t understand how these choice can bring happiness and joy to those who make them. I cannot nor do I have the right to try to force anyone to make better choices. They will have to balance the scales of their choices at some point in time.

Change must always being within us. I can seek the highest wisdom, truth, love and compassion of the Creator in my life. To balance all the scales of my life and to transform that which is mis-qualified energy back into Light. To become a pure vessel of the Light and Love of the Creator.

I can call upon the Creator and the ones who serve the Creator to come and bring the Violet Flame/Fire of the Creator into my physical form and life as well as any place or situation or send to any person on the earth. The Violet Flame is a gift of great power which has been returned to the earth in the last century due to the intervention of St Germain, Archangel Michael, Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Amethyst. Because of of its abuse during the time of Atlantis it was withdrawn. St Germain pledged his spiritual energy to be allowed to bring it back to us.

The Violet Flame is just that a flame of violet color. When we call it forth, we ask for it to move throughout our form at the subatomic level. As it is within us see it moving freely. It will transmute the energy between our electrons removing all mis-qualified energy and disease. This allows the energy to flow freely that has been blocked. Then call upon the Creator and/or the Beings of Light who serve the Creator to fill us with the Golden, Silver and White Light of the Creator to fill the spaces transformed. Let the heart open and the Light of The Creator shine through you.

We cannot make another change, but we can visualize and ask the Creator and Beings of Light to send this energy into any situation to transform the energies in the area in accordance to the Will of the Creator. This will allow people or animals, to accept them into their being by their own choice, but in removing them from the area they will have a easier time in opening to them and accessing them, to hopefully make a higher choice. You can then ask the Light Beings to bring in Love and Light for them to access.

I don’t understand the choices of others, but I can do something about the choices I make and the energy I put forth into the world. I can make a call to the Creator and Light Beings who serve the Creator to clear the energies in a situation to help others in making it easier for them to access better choices and to make them.

There are planets in the Universe who by the people around the planet accessing and using the Violet Flame/Fire and calling on the help of the Creator and Light Beings transformed and freed their planets. They utilized it in all areas of their lives, not just the physical form, but to clear the air, the water, the land, the political systems, industry, spiritual and monetary systems, the production or food and animal husbandry. Whatever area, you see needs help, call upon the Violet Fire and the Creator to help.

” When we change the way we look at things. The things we look at change.”Dr Wayne Dyer


Truth on Earth is relative and fluid.

I have written previously about relative and Divine Truth. To learn more about it please look at that article. I don’t want to repeat the information, because this message is about the fact that we are facing our beliefs and truths at this time to see what is still true for us and what we have outgrown.

For the rest of this year we are facing the truths we have held for all our life, and to release that which no longer serves our spiritual growth. We are being asked to spend time daily in quiet away from all distractions to go within and seek the wisdom of the Creator.

We are coming into our time of Spiritual ascension or staying the same. If we choose to move forward all that we need is available by asking. For now we can step into our Christ Consciousness and be the reflection of our Creator, and allow the Divine to experience and create this world in a Divine Image.

We are being tried and tested. We see the energies flooding in to keep us off balance. We are questioning our lives and the world. This is of purpose. It is like the faceting of a diamond. In which the jeweler sees that which is not of the brilliance that the diamond can be and it is chipped away, to reveal the ultimate beauty.

That is what we are doing. We are letting go of that which keeps us tied to the ego self and the controls of fear. We are being asked to let go of dogmas and beliefs that limit the fullness of our Soul. Let the shine of our Soul, the I AM that we are, a part of the Creator.

So don’t be afraid of facing the questions. Don’t run away, back to the safe and secure of what the world believes, but seek within the Truth that rings for you and then chip away the old, bless it to return to the Light, wrap it in the Violet Flame and Let your light shine.

In Service

I am Mareya Shimayah Elohim


Where we place our focus is what we manifest in our lives.

Today I was reminded of the energies of transformation flooding into the Earth at this time. For our planet is ascending and we have the opportunity to do so with her. We came to this earth to be participants in exactly this event. We requested to be able to help, experience and overcome all that was present on the Earth so that All Life can be Free.

We were to be caretakers of the Earth, but got caught up in self interest and self will focus , which lead to fear that we might be harmed or loose what we had in the way of material security and possessions. This fear caused us to see others as protagonists who were trying to hurt us, and so we began to see shadow and conspiracy all around us. We began mistrusting others and fearing them, wanting to harm them before they could harm us. The fight or flight syndrome.

It must be someone else’s fault that we are in the situation in which we exist. It cannot be that we made choices that led us here. It cannot be that our focus on lack prevents us from having abundance. It cannot be that our mistrust and fear of others prevent us from loving them unconditionally and to receive the same in return. It cannot be that by not helping others we block the flow of abundance that comes from giving and receiving. It cannot be that by focusing upon fear and mistrust, that we block the ability to feel joy, peace and happiness.

We fear changing our perception and focus because we fear the unknown. What if we open our hearts and minds and embrace others, helping them to have a better life, and we don’t have enough for ourselves.

In our fear we lack love and compassion which are the essence of Creation and the Creator. Our calling is to open our hearts and to be love, to allow love to fill our hearts and beings and to send it forth into the world. Another law of Creation is that of giving and receiving. We cannot have one, without the other. If we block one, we block the other from appearing in our lives. It may not be the exact same exchange. For instance, we may find a stray cat or dog in need of love and care, that had been abandoned. They are in need of a home, food and love. We can ignore them, take them to a shelter, or take them into our home. If we ignore them, perhaps one day in our life when we are alone and scared we may be ignored by others. We can take them to a shelter where they can get help and make them the responsibility of another, hopefully it is a no kill shelter, where they have the possibility of finding a home. Showing a sense of caring and responsibility, perhaps when we get old and need help we may find a place that will care for us. The third option is opening you life to this small one in need and showing it love and caring. It will show us more love and compassion, companionship, peace and harmony than we could ever imagine.

Fear creates disharmony which is dominant in our world. Fear is the absence of love. If we feel and share love, we will find harmony and peace in our lives, and draw ones who feel the same to us. We will not have the need to blame others for our life situation, or to seek a conspiracy theory which may or may not be true to explain events, for we will trust in the Divine.

This does not mean that we do not see the shadow energy in the world. It means that we do not place our focus upon the possibilities it present. We have looked the shadow in its face, and realized that the power it held existed in a place of fear, misunderstanding, disharmony and lack of love and faith in the Unity of Creation. We realize that is was the beliefs, concepts and perception we had been taught all of our lives, that had caused us to fear and allow the shadow to guide our life and choices. We see the shadow as an energy which tests us as to what we belief and where we place our focus. Is it fear or love. When we choose love, and seek to live from a heart centered focus, we find we are guided to new choices in life.

This does not mean that some conspiracy theories did not originate from a truth whether partial or relative, but that fear of individuals who share it expand it to where it is often hard to determine the truth from the shadow. It is like a story that one person tells to another in a circle, and they pass it from one to the other. When it reaches the last person, the story may be totally different from the original. Why because we all hear and interpret information based on our life beliefs and perspectives. It is when we begin to let go of these and say

“I CREATE MY REALITY. It doesn’t matter what another says, it can only manifest in my life if I believe it and allow it to be so. “

When we change the way we look at things. The things we look at change.

We are here to create a type of Heaven, Nirvana on Earth. We can do this but we have to choose to do so, by each thought, each word, each action. By first moving into the heart and asking for guidance from our own Soul, Higher Self, Higher Mind that we might see things from a higher perspective for the greatest good of ALL.

All life is One – we come from the same Creator Source. We exist within the energy of the Creator who is our source of animation. We are the vessel through which the Creator explores it’s creation. We are infinite beings in a finite form.

So, I ask that ones let go of the energy of conspiracy. If you read the theory, just be aware of a possibility, and send love, the Violet Flame of transmutation, healing and peace to the situation and people involved. Ask that they feel love and be freed of the energy of the situation for the highest good of all. See the best possible outcome and let it go. Do not let the energy enter and disrupt your life further than realizing it came to your attention not to forcibly control and change it – for violence only brings more violence – but to bring the highest light, love and energy to it, and ask the Heavenly Hosts to step forth to bring the highest outcome. This allows them to intervene in accordance with Divine Will.

If something is directly affecting your life, look at your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and emotions regarding this situation. What is it within you that connects to this situation and or energy. What lesson is it showing you , that you have the power to overcome, and to transform these lower energies into a higher perspective and state of being.

If we focus upon a conspiracy or situation that appears negative, then we feed the energy of it. When we try to control it forcibly from our own energy perspective, we feed it and it grows. It is only when we let go and ask for the higher light beings and love to free us from any connection and to do the same for all involved that it can be healed and transformed.

This brings harmony into your life and the world. All freedom begins when we live in love, peace, balance and harmony. Disharmony brings destruction and we have had enough of that. We can see if never helps anything. When others bring disruptive energies into our lives, we can either respond with the same, or step back and send them love. If we respond with the same energies it only breeds more disruption and disharmony. If we respond with peace and harmony, they may at first respond with increased disruptive energies, but eventually they will give up when there is nothing to feed the negative. You always have the right to simply walk away and send them love, light or blessings.

Don’t feel guilty about past mistakes. See them, ask to be shown the greater understanding of why you did what you did and how you could have chosen or acted differently. Realize, we are all doing the best we can at the moment. If we could have done better we would have. Some of the disruptive beings and energies are there to teach us to help us to realize the greater choices and to do better in our lives. When we no longer respond, they will no longer be drawn to us.

The choice is always ours. May we each choose the higher perspective.

I am Marguerite