Honor, Honesty, Integrity and Responsibility

These are qualities which become a natural part of your being and apparent to others as we align ourselves with the Creator and I AM Presence within us whereby the Divine manifests within us.

Let us see how these qualities interrelate in our lives. Honor is the act of living with moral and spiritual values in our lives and adhering to our authentic truth. Integrity is the quality we emanate as we live by honoring these principles, Honesty allows us to take responsibility for our words and actions and the results they manifest. The desired result coming from living honestly and with integrity, whereby we are mindful and take responsibility for our thoughts, words and deeds to bring honor to the Divine within us.

When we are traveling along our spiritual path on the way to self mastery in our life of our thoughts, words and deed we need to be mindful of these areas of our life. We should go within to seek heart centered guidance before speaking and acting to see that our thoughts and desires align to the higher good. Through this process we align with these qualities and the Divine within us to allow us to Ascend in consciousness. This ascension bringing our alignment to the Divine not so that we leave our form but that we can manifest the fullness of our Oneness with the Creator while in form.

Our highest reason for being on Earth is to complete this process. It may not be in this lifetime for the choice is yours as to where you will place your attention in your life.

The qualities listed specifically were highlighted for a message today, to combine along with the messages which have been given regarding protection and discernment. It is through Divine protection whereby we will be able to free ourselves from the control, intervention and possession by lower energy beings. Thereby we are more easily able to hear the guidance of the Creator or Beings of Light who serve the Creator. Especially, in this day of the internet, discernment is especially important for not all who say they are Beings of Light, or who say they bring messages from beings of light do so, for all can be deceived unless they live in Oneness as an ascended Being of Light. Not all people who share information or teach do so from a place of integrity, honesty, honor and responsibility. However, I will say they may not even be aware of this for in their naivete they can be deceived.

I allow for others to follow their pathway to find their own truth. However, that does not mean that I cannot speak my truth, and if ones find it to be of value then perhaps it will help them along their journey. Today is one of the days when I am called to speak what I feel is truth regarding a topic.

Recently, a man who brings teachings, attunements and healings upon the internet encountered an instance of lack of integrity by another. This teacher is a man of integrity and honor, and brings higher spiritual energies and teachings to others. I am not sure of all of the details and they don’t really matter, the main topic to address is that one of the teachings and attunement programs which he was sharing free of charge on the internet was being sold by one who was taking the course to others as their own work. The work he does is and this one also even though free was copyrighted. So it is illegal to be sold by another without persmission, but this is beyond earthly laws it touches on spiritual laws.

I realize ones will say that since all is of the Creator, then all comes from the Creator and doesn’t belong to any one person and that is true. However, as in all things ones who are bringing forth teachings of enlightenment in order to help us have spent much time and energy preparing themselves. They are like all of us doing a job/service in bringing these forth and helping others aligned to the Creator as their Spiritual Mission. Thus like you get renumerated for your work so too do they have the right to be renumberated for their knowlege, wisdom and teachings. Had the one who stole his work to make money but asked, there may have been an honorable solution.

I am reminded by the Creator now as I write this that one of the reasons for copyright on spiritual work is due to the flow of energy. A person connects to the Creator or Beings of Light who serve the Creator and wisdom and processes of healing are shared with them and with this sharing a line of energy connects. If you are aware of Reiki it is a good reference of a line of energy being present in the work and as it is shared from the one who brings it forth this line of energy expands to the ones learning or connecting. Sometimes, you will see ones who share a new Reiki process who offer teaching course of the new process whereby the person becomes initiated to continue the line purely to others as a certified teacher.

Now one may take the course, but not go on to become a teacher. Then they decided to teach it to others and charge them. It is like a line that can run straight but if one decides to go forth on their own without authority it can create a branch in the road which lessens or stops the flow of energy. I hope this makes sense of the practicality of hijacking the work of another and fraudently selling as ones own.

This is something that happens far too often on the internet. One sees anothers work and reworks it as their own without permission, whether for profit or attention. No matter the reason if you do not have or ask for permission any work whether copyrighted or not is the work of another and should be honored for its purpose.

One who promotes anothers work without permission is acting out of dishonesty and without honor and integrity.

Another example that comes to mind is that of a woman who has written some expensive books which she states are of the highest wisdom and integrity. As I was reading the first book, I found that she had images and statements taken directly from the website of another woman whom I know. This second woman is one of high honor and integrity. I have her before to be able to quote from her work with links back to her and she has agreed. So, I asked if she was aware of the images and quotes in this book not linked to her work. She had not been contacted or given permission for these ‘copyrighted’ images and information to be used. I contacted the book author to ask her to contact the originator and she never responded. Although she is very outspoken about her copyrights, which included the copyrighted work of another plagerized. THUS, for me I could not finish reading her book, and saw similar violations in other books. To me this is hypocrisy to copyright your work when you are violating copyrights of others. It would still not have been honorable had she not copyrighted her work, but at least she might have claimed she did not believe any Divine work could be copyrighted and that would have been at least understandable for the written word, but not the images. I believe had she originally asked the artist/author even if she didn’t believe the images or messages she used were copyrighted, that the artist would have given permission or worked with her regarding their use.

This is lack of honor, integrity, honesty and after being contacted not taking responsibility to correct her error, for which she should have originally taken responsibility to ask and clarify. This would have honored both the Creator’s energy of the word and the artists gift of the images.

There are many who post on their sites or message that they can be shared with a simple link back to the original source. These are just simple, honor acts of righteous responsibilty to the Creator and others.

There are times when we are sharing and blogging that we might share information which we have known for so long that we don’t remember the source. You can take responsibilty to do a quick online search to see what comes up that may remind you of where it was sourced, and you may not find it. This is what I do. This at least even for ‘public domain information’ that for which the copyright has expired and not been renewed is acknowledging the line of information as it came from Source through the original messenger.

This is taking responsibility for our actions and being mindful of our thoughts, words and deeds. So that we may align with the Divine and grow closer in our spiritual walk. Thus as I said earlier, not all who appear to be of spiritual integrity truly are, although there may be that which is of value to a few or many in what they share to help others along their path. They may have plagarized, they may be controlled, or misguided by less than pure entities because they desire so much to be known or a celebrity in the spiritual field due to their work. Thus, they attract energy which is less than purely from the Creator’s line of light.

Creator shine your transcendent light upon us and fill us with your love that we might walk our paths with honor, honesty, integrity and truth by taking responsibility for our thoughts, action and words.

May the light shine upon you.

I AM Moriah Elohim

Archangel Michael

Speaks on his service to humanity.

I am Michael. I come to you this day to speak about Truth, Protection and Discernment which are the areas of primary need and service which I bring to humanity.

I am most often depicted holding a sword and and standing on a serpent of some kind. People have a perception of me as a warrior, which I am but not of the kind of your military warriors. However, my sword is the Sword of Truth. Truth cuts through the darkness and cords which bind you to set you free to BE the LIGHT. There is no bloodshed, for nothing can stand in the Light of Truth that is of the Darkness. That is why it is said, “The Truth shall set you Free.”

To understand the difference between Divine truth and relative truth you can read the message recorded previously by this channel regarding Truth. I will make just a few comments regarding recognizing Divine Truth. If the Truth you hold and the Truth you speak is aligned to the Divine Creator Source and you speak from your Heart, then you will find no need to defend your Truth either verbally or physically. If you feel the need to defend or justify your truth, then it is most likely a relative truth.

Never be afraid to speak the Divine Truth as revealed to you. For when you are aligned spiritually the Light of the Divine will pour forth through you and as you speak you will be protected from harm. For ones will feel the Light and it will have an affect upon them. Truth stands on it’s own. Once spoken you can then allow the other to either accept or reject it. That is their right to choose. For this is a planet of free will and freedom of choice. If and when they are ready to hear Divine Truth they will seek it out, otherwise you are simply wasting your breath and time.

The Light as it intensifies brings out the best and the worst in humanity. The best so that you can grow spiritually and the worst for the same reason, so that it can be revealed, released and transformed. It can be that when you speak, you may find a great darkness in the other that is triggered, and do not feel as though you have grown enough upon your path to be safe. That is the time to Invoke my protection the second energy of service of which I spoke.

I am known as the Protective Angel and so it is. I and my legions are always ready to be of service to protect ones when we are called. As you grow along your spiritual path and your light increases, you will come to know that you are always protected by the Light and that you and the Creator are One, as you are One with All Life. You will come to live this knowing without a doubt.

However, until that time, I would say to begin you day by calling upon me and asking for my cloak of protection to be placed around you. If at any time during you day you feel unsafe call upon me and I will send ones to surround you. You can ask me to surround your car, your home, your family, and your pets. You can ask me to go into any place upon the planet in need of my protection, any person or situation.

As a part of the protection process, you can call upon me to help you to cut any cords of karmic attachment to others or contracts which no longer are valid or serve your highest growth. You must be willing to let them go, or they will reattach. These contracts or ties may be from this lifetime or prior lifetimes. They may be contracts to help another along their path, and if so you may want to ask for guidance from your guides or higher self to be sure, cutting this cord of contract unfulfilled does not create a karmic cord.

Remember always with all Beings of Light, whether Angels or Ascended Masters, none of us can interfer with your free will choices, and must be asked to intervene. I am part of the Creator as are you and all life. The difference being I have never forgotten and have always been aligned to the Light and Will of the Creator. I know that I am Infinite and Unlimited. I connect to you through your heart as does the Creator. All life connects via the heart upon your planet. Many have built walls around their hearts and so they are unable to connect with others. They must make a conscious choice to bring down those walls and to reconnect for true spiritual progress to be made.

The center of Truth within your form is the Throat Chakra and its alignment to the open Heart Chakra. This is the third area of service of which I will speak. I am the Archangel of the Throat Chakra. If you want to place a color upon it think of a sapphire blue, radiant with white. Archangel Dorenka works with me and his service upon this planet involves working with the bats. This is how he connects to working with your throat chakra. As you may be aware, the bats send forth sonic sounds which they hear to know which path to follow and where there are obstructions. Your throat chakra when active is your Truth barometer like the sonics of the bat, to show you the true path to follow through the darkness into the Light and thus you become a beacon for others. You can call upon me to help you to open your throat chakra. As your throat chakra is activated , we can begin to download keys and codes to help you along your path of Truth and Service.

As you find your Truth and begin to speak it in humility, compassion, integrity and honor, you will find your light growing and more will be attracted to hear your truth and to learn. Know always that the Truth comes from the Divine and you are the vessel, do not let ego lead you astray.

The Truth is a shining Light to lead the way home.

I Am Michael